3 Tech You Need to Set Up an At-Home Creator Workstation

Does your career have you working from home and doing something creative like an online game streamer, YouTuber, or social media influencer? Online creators are a profession that has truly taken off in the past few years, as just a decade ago this is a path that was almost unheard of. But to be successful in this career you need more than just drive and creativity, you also need the right tech to ensure you’re delivering professional-quality content that secures viewers and followers. 

Let’s deep dive into the tech you need to set up an at-home creator workstation that will help you to realize your career goals.

A Computer That Delivers on Power and Graphics Capability

There’s no doubt that the biggest purchase you’ll need to make is your computer. Whether you choose a laptop or desktop or you decide both are necessary – you’ll need to be very particular about the specs. 

For an at-home creator workstation processing power and graphics should be top priorities, as this will ensure smooth operation and excellent results for your followers/viewers. Graphics alone have come a long way, constantly evolving and advancing in technology. Take a look at something like the Lenovo Intel Arc and you’ll see just how high-tech things have become.

As well you want a computer that delivers fast frame rates, sharp color, adequate RAM, and high speeds. The computer should also use less energy so that it generates less heat. This means you can work for long hours in a day without the worry of pushing your computer too far.

An External Microphone Delivers Enhanced Sound Quality

How many times have you watched a creator’s video only to find yourself struggling to hear them because the volume is too low or muffled? This can make you lose interest in the video very quickly and the creator in general as the finished product doesn’t look polished and professional. 

To ensure your viewers don’t have a negative sound experience it’s important to invest in an external microphone that captures the true sound and offers superior performance.

There are several different types of microphones that YouTubers and online creators such as game streamers use, so it’s worth doing a lot of research. Quality is only half the issue, it also needs to be easy to use and fast to set up. Generally speaking, USB microphones tend to be the most popular for newbies, but if you want superior performance, opt for an XLR microphone.

Live Streaming – Then You Need Wireless Headphones

For those who will be live game streaming, headphones will be essential. These allow you to block out any surrounding noise in the house, they are comfortable to wear, most are adjustable and they will offer excellent sound quality. If you’ve been relying on earbuds up to this point, it’s time for an upgrade.

Giving Your Viewers What They Want

While every creator’s audience is unique, one thing they share is the desire for high-quality online content, and these tech items will ensure you can produce exactly that.

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