how to view someone's instagram story without them knowing

Here’s how to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing

So. You want to look at your ex’s Instagram story but you don’t want him having the satisfaction of seeing that you’ve viewed it?

You’re in luck, because there’s a little known technique that will allow you to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing.

You know how all the Instagram stories appear in a queue of little circles at the top of the app? Simply tap the story that’s directly before your ex’s story (or whoever’s story you want to view). Hold your thumb on the story you’re viewing and gently drag to the left, so you see a quick preview of your ex’s story. It looks like this:

insta story peeking

Then simply let it slide back to the right. We call this “peeking” and Instagram doesn’t count this as a view. If you exit stories, you’ll see that your ex’s story is still showing up in the queue with that fresh, pink circle around it. So you know that he/she won’t see your name in the list of story viewers!

Be careful when doing this that:

  1. You don’t let the previous story finish and let your ex’s story load before you’ve had chance to “peek”.
  2. That when you swipe to “peek” you don’t actually just drag it all the way left and watch the whole thing.

We recommend having a couple of practice sessions first to get the hang of it!

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