4 Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly

A lot of people think that recycling alone is doing enough to be kind to the earth. While this is an example of being eco-friendly, it’s hardly enough to make as big of a difference as we need to save the planet. Being eco-friendly means not just recycling but living in a way that puts the earth’s well-being into consideration. 

As the world becomes more and more polluted, it’s more important than ever that we make sustainable changes in order to reduce our negative effects on the earth. From small changes to big changes, here are some simple ways to be more eco friendly on a daily basis.   

Consider Your Food 

If you eat food that is local, then you are automatically contributing less to the world’s carbon footprint. Eating local means that you’re not supporting paying for food shipped from Colombia or Africa when you could eat something grown just down the street. It also helps to eat seasonal foods that don’t require being shipped in from other countries. 

You should also consider the packaging of your food. Lastly, consider eating a more plant-based diet. That doesn’t mean you have to go completely vegan; however, cutting down your meat consumption can make a huge difference on the planet. 

Buy Used Clothing 

Believe it or not, clothing is one of the most wasteful products that humans create. In order to produce less waste from clothing, consider buying used. Not only is it considerably cheaper, but you can find great pieces that are much more original than anything you’d find in a store. 

Not only that, but vintage shopping can be fun. Besides going to second hand stores, you can also visit stores like eBay and Etsy to find fantastic pieces for a fraction of the price you would buy them new. 

Change Your Beauty Routine 

There are a lot of products out there that are single-use and create waste. For example, face wipes are incredibly wasteful. Consider using a washcloth instead. Otherwise, consider choosing biodegradable wipes as an alternative. 

Also, consider the brands that you choose. Some brands are more wasteful than others. Opting for brands that are vegan and put thought into their packaging is a great way to show the earth that you care. 

Fly Less 

Even though you might love to travel, consider traveling less to places where you’re required to fly. Plane fuel is one of the most toxic things that you can put into the earth’s atmosphere. Consider taking the train or driving as a less polluting option. Although you may not be able to stop flying forever, it’s possible to fly less. Choose destinations that are a little closer to home once in a while to lower your overall carbon footprint. 

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