How can I make myself like water?

how can I make myself like water

How can I make myself like water?

Water. We’re constantly being told to drink more of it – litres of the stuff every day. We’re told it will make our skin better, our bodies healthier and our minds clearer. But what if, like me, you’ve never liked the taste of water?

To me water tastes of absolutely nothing. It’s so tasteless that sometimes it makes me feel physically sick to drink it, especially if I have a hangover. Since I don’t like water, I’m rather like a camel – I can go all day then suddenly realise I haven’t had one drink. I know it can’t be good for me, but I just don’t enjoy drinking fluids. Unless it’s wine or beer, then I can miraculously drink glass after glass. Funny that.

So I found myself thinking – how can I make myself like water? Here’s what I discovered.

Drink out of a bottle

Somehow I found that drinking out of a bottle with one of those suction tops is just way more enjoyable than drinking water out of a glass. Keep a bottle next to your computer or desk and sip on it every so often. Challenge yourself to guzzle the whole bottle, then go back to the sink and refill.

Drink in the morning

The most important thing is to get yourself into a routine. Try to drink a large glass of water every time you get up. Once you get into a habit, it will be much easier to maintain.

Add fruit to it

The easiest way to make water taste better is by adding flavours to it. Buy a water jug, then add oranges or lemons, or perhaps mint and cucumber. Whatever flavour your prefer best. Simply put this in the fridge and it will make your water less bland.

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Add cordial

Another great way to add flavour is by using cordial. I like Robinson’s orange cordial but there are so many flavours out there – just take your pick. Elderflower is a brilliant one as it tastes nice and crisp in the summertime, especially with some ice.

Drink sparkling water

Not so keen on cordial? Sparkling water feels a lot more exciting than a still drink. The bubbles might make you a little gassy, but at least it tastes super refreshing and less like you’re drinking water. If you’re going to opt for flavour-infused sparkling water, pick one with natural flavours as opposed to one that’s full of sweeteners.

Download an app to remind you to drink water

Recently I downloaded an app called WaterMinder which basically reminds you to get your daily fill of water. It will send you notifications every time you need to drink, plus you can see your history and hydration achievements. It’s really useful if you need a little reminder every now and again, although sometimes it can get a little annoying – like your mum nagging you to clean your room.

Hydrate when you go to the loo

Another way to get yourself into a routine is to drink a glass of water after you’ve been to the bathroom. The point here is to have a ‘trigger’ that will remind you to drink.

Get water from food

Eat water rich foods such as cucumber, lettuce, zucchini or watermelon, and suck on popsicles or ice cubes. This way you can get water into your body by eating instead of drinking.

Drink something you enjoy

Whether it’s coconut water, coconut milk or a nice cup of tea – drink whatever brings you enjoyment. These things still contain water, although I’d recommend avoiding things that are highly caffeinated or super sugary.

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