How to Safely Store CBD Oil

There are many reasons why it is good always to have a bottle of quality CBD oil. If you suffer from certain diseases, products by CheefBotanicals can help you cope with symptoms such as sleep issues, sudden pain, or panic attack. In case you suffer from anxiety, a few drops of cannabidiol tincture will help you calm down.

The essential advice you should follow is always to buy quality CBD oil from trusted brands. That way, you can be sure that you will experience all the benefits of this product without side effects. Also, a quality product is shelf-stable, which means it can’t be spoiled so quickly.

You must store CBD oil properly if you want to keep it fresh. This product has a long shelf-life (up to two years), and even after that time, it is safe to use. Still, it will no longer have the same properties as when you use it before the expiration date. For the product to be unspoiled during this time, store it in the appropriate conditions.

Precautions for Extended Shelf-Life

Different brands make cannabidiol essences for the same purposes, but they can differ in many things. The quality of the cannabis-based product depends on the plant from which cannabidiol is extracted, the method of extraction, added ingredients, the type of packaging, and many more. The factors mentioned above also have an impact on the shelf-life of CBD oils.

Pure cannabidiol tincture will keep freshness the longest. Each added ingredient can shorten the life expectancy of the product. As for the method of extraction, the CO2 method is most preferred. Liquid content in darker bottles, adequately sealed, has less chance of decomposing because air and light do not reach it.

Keep It Out of Light and Heat


Proper storing of CBD oil is no rocket science, but you shouldn’t neglect that. You always have to keep this product away from light, air, and high heat. The best storage places are the drawer in a bedroom or bathroom cabinet. Make sure these storage spaces are at the appropriate height and not accessible to kids and pets. 

Do not store this product in warmed rooms such as the kitchen or near windows and heat sources. This product is very effective for use in pets (as seen on this link). Still, it is not good for them to take cannabidiol essence with no supervision.

All cannabis-based products should stay in their original packaging. Still, some manufacturers may pack CBD oils in plastic bottles or transparent containers. Initially, the type of package does not affect the liquid content itself and its medicinal properties. But the oils in these packages spoil quickly and change the taste.

Use Airtight Package

Airtight containers are the best packaging for products like CBD oil. Even if you buy this preparation in another package, you can transfer it to a container like this if you have any left from a previous product. Make sure that it is sealed and that the cap is well-tightened.

If you buy cannabidiol essence in plastic packaging (although such products are rare on the market), pour it into a bottle or container made of glass. Keep the new packaging tinted to reduce the effect of light on the contents. If the bottle is not factory dyed, you can simply cover it with duct tape or self-adhesive paper.


If you are one of those who like to buy in bulk, you probably have a few unopened CBD oil bottles at home. That is not a mistake, but only if you take a dose of cannabidiol daily, and there’s a chance you can run out of it at an inconvenient moment. Still, never buy too much of this oil if you only take it from time to time.

How to dose cannabidiol properly, see on the following source:

In case you have bottles of cannabidiol oil in stock, you can store them in the refrigerator. The contents must be unopened and in the original packaging. By freezing, the cannabidiol essence will not lose its properties, but it will thicken.

When you need one of these bottles, keep in mind that CBD oil should never be exposed to direct heat. Leave it at room temperature and wait for it to return to a liquid state. Once you open the bottle, you shouldn’t put it back in a fridge. Even if you tighten the cap well, moisture and cold can find their way to the contents and spoil it.

Proper storage is essential for cannabis-based products to keep their potency and freshness. In mild climates, it is easy to store CBD oil in a dry and cool place. For those living in warmer and wetter areas, keeping this essence in a fridge is the only solution to keep the oil away from the humidity and heat.

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