Meet Trenbolone – Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Cycle

Meet Trenbolone – Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Cycle

Could it really be that you have never heard of Trenbolone? Let me freshen up your memory for a bit. It is known as the most powerful and potent androgenic anabolic steroid today available. You know – those products you use to get a killer body. Does that ring a bell yet?

Oh, steroids. Now you’re thinking – “You know, steroids, you take them for a couple of weeks while going to the gym and you get in perfect shape. But, I’m not sure how healthy these are”. And here we have the two most common misconceptions about this product. So, you are spreading them too, huh?

Let me make a few things clear. If you don’t use Trenbolone properly, chances are, you won’t see any results. If you abuse any anabolic steroid, you are bound to feel some side-effects. So, before going any further, you should learn how to use this product. And, remember, the effects and side-effects mostly depend on your determination and sense of responsibility.

Therefore, I suggest you stop spreading false information and start gaining some actual knowledge by visiting, or doing some research on your own. Ill-informed individuals are at a worse position than uninformed ones. It’s the way it has always been. Don’t be the one encouraging myths and giving birth to prejudices. Instead, do your best to find reliable sources and learn from those.

Since you are here, I guess you have already started your path towards getting properly acquainted with Trenbolone. The most important thing you need to learn is what it is and how it affects your body. And if you are thinking of using it, then you want to find the perfect cycle. Let me give you a hand in both of these endeavors.

Trenbolone Explained

What was originally created as a veterinary product has quickly turned into the strongest anabolic steroid in the world. Its androgenic properties are rather important when it comes to any kinds of effects that you are trying to achieve during your workouts. It is known to help people achieve great results in a short period. More info.

I keep mentioning that it is the strongest and the most powerful product of this kind on the market. What does that tell you? Well, naturally, something so potent is not exactly suitable for beginners. Trenbolone is designed for those who are serious about their trainings and who won’t give up, or half-ass their workouts. On the contrary, exercises need to be as powerful as this drug, since it won’t work otherwise.


Speaking of that, in order to work and bring you results, Tren is often stacked with other products during a cycle. Usually, it is used in combination with a testosterone ester compound. These compounds help with the suppressed production of testosterone caused by Trenbolone. When you decide to use this product, you should always keep in mind how strong it is and use it cautiously and in accordance with the instructions you get from an expert.

Surprisingly, Tren is known to be useful both for cutting and bulking up. This sounds like a silly paradox, doesn’t it? And yet, no matter how weird that might seem right now, it is definitely correct. Obviously, this depends on the compounds you mix it with, as well as on the whole cycle. I suggest you get more advice on that by consulting a professional. And now, it’s time to learn about cycles.

Here is a useful reading material:


Although I have mentioned at least once above that this steroid is not suitable for beginners, I am aware that there are people who won’t give up on that idea. Therefore, I feel obliged to at least try to inform you how to do this without causing some serious consequences. So, if you are a beginner, limit your dose to 200mg per week and use Tren for ten to twelve weeks. This will allow you to see how your body will react on the product.


If you already have some experience with using androgenic anabolic steroids, then you can take a higher dosage without much hesitation. Approximately 400mg to 500mg a week will be enough for you to see results over the course of twelve weeks. Additionally, intermediate users usually stack Trenbolone with at least one different compound. Before doing that, of course, you should learn which compounds are the most effective when stacked with Tren.


Unsurprisingly, the most advanced users use the highest dosages. These range from 750mg to 1000mg a week. Exceeding 1000mg could be rather dangerous, so I don’t suggest doing that. In any case, start with the lower dose and then gradually increase it during a 12-week cycle. Naturally, advanced consumers also stack Tren with various different compounds.

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