Should You Remain at the Scene of a Car Accident?

The rise of new technology and more automobile inventions has resulted in an increase in the number of cars on the roads. Likewise, traffic collisions are prone to happen, especially with the increasing number of drivers and vehicles on the public highways. The choice of leaving or staying at the scene of an accident is personal. You may choose to leave since you fear the emotional trauma or remain to help the accident victims. 

It is essential to note that you are not legally obligated to remain at the site of an accident as a pedestrian. You may choose to stay behind so that you can help the victims in testifying in the courts as a witness. Significantly, your support as a witness is useful if you were the only one present when a car accident occurred. Furthermore, your presence at the scene of an accident may offer first aid services to the victims.

Consequently, you may dial 911 to seek advanced medical services. However, it is not obligatory. Instead, you should do it from a helping point of view, and thus one should not change their entire routine following an accident they did not cause.

On the other hand, if you are the one driving and you get involved in a car accident, it is prudent that you stick around so that you may receive first aid services if injured, among other reasons. When you stick around the scene of the accident, you will be able to participate in the assessment of the extent of the car accident and subsequent determination of who was on the wrong side of the law.

If you decide to leave the scene of a car accident, despite not being at fault, you may be liable for various criminal charges. You, therefore, need to contact a reliable Pensacola car accident lawyer immediately for representation. If you are leaving and you are the cause of the accident, you will be heavily penalized for much stronger charges.

What Happens when You Leave a Car Accident Scene?

The following steps are employed to determine the perpetrator and bring him to account if you decide to leave the site of a car accident. Initially, the site will first be visited by law enforcement agents to conduct an investigation. At this point, witnesses may be questioned to establish the cause of the accident. Furthermore, the law enforcement officers may use any nearby CCTV footage to identify the fleeing driver. More tests may be implemented to try and identify not only the type of car fleeing but also to gauge the level of soberness of the drivers involved.

What Are the Consequences of Fleeing the Scene of a Car Accident?

If you chose to flee from the site of a car accident, be ready to come under suspicion for causing the wreck. The injured victim may open a lawsuit against you demanding compensation. Consequently, a jury may later interpret that you chose to flee from the site of the accident.

What Charges Can You Face if You Flee From the Scene?

Most states treat hit-and-run as a great offense. However, if the accident only involved the destruction of property and zero physical harm, you will face misdemeanor charges. Conversely, if you flee from an accident that resulted in death or injury to the other parties, you are likely to face steeper penalties, possibly including incarceration. Regardless of the circumstance, it is wise that you involve a car accident lawyer to guide you. 

The choice of remaining at the scene of a car accident is solely personal if you are a pedestrian. However, if you are the driver of the car involved, it is prudent that you remain at the scene of a car accident so that you may answer questions from law enforcement. Contrarily, if you choose to drive off from the site of the accident, be prepared to face hefty penalties that may involve higher fines and long periods of incarceration.

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