5 Foods That Are Recommended for Dysphagia Patients

5 Foods That Are Recommended for Dysphagia Patients

The medical condition known as dysphagia is where people struggle to swallow food and liquid. It is normally triggered by another illness and the cause will determine the best method of treatment. In some cases, dysphagia won’t be able to be cured, but it can be managed most of the time. If it is not monitored closely, it can lead to serious complications, like dehydration, malnutrition, or pneumonia. If you or someone you care for is suffering from dysphagia, you will need to understand the best food for your condition. To get you started, here are 5 foods that are recommended for dysphagia patients. 

Nutritious Applesauce 

Applesauce can be blended with a variety of ingredients to make meals healthy and delicious. It is normally a sweet side dish, but it can be combined with leafy green vegetables for extra vitamins, nutrients, and flavors. This dish is easy to make and only requires a few basic ingredients. Examples of food that can be mixed up and added to applesauce include spinach, strawberries, pear, and oatmeal. 

Thick Soups

Soup is a fantastic way to incorporate a variety of healthy ingredients into one meal. You can truly experiment with the flavors and the nutritional value of this dish. Ideally, you should stick to thick, smooth and consistent textures. If your soup is very watery, then add a Simply Thick easy mix gel thickener to your dish, which will turn it into a safe consistency and will add a bit more nutrition. 

Sweet and Savory Mousses

Mousses can be sweet or savory, which makes them perfect for a hot or cold main dish or dessert. There are a number of different mousse dishes that can be made for dysphagia patients. Sweet mousses can be combined with dark, milk, or white chocolate, cream, and a variety of different fruit. Cheese, salmon, meat, vegetables, herbs, and spices can be blended up into a savory mousse

Creamy Purees

A puree is a food that has been cooked then ground, sieved, pressed, or blended into the consistency of a creamy liquid or paste. Most purees consist of legumes, fruits, or vegetables, which make them highly nutritious. You can add a variety of ingredients and flavors into a puree. If your puree seems a bit runny, then adding an instant food thickener will improve its texture. 

Healthy Puddings

Puddings can be made in a variety of ways to boost their nutritional value and make them a healthier option for dysphagia patients. For example, avocado can be combined with cocoa powder, banana, milk, and honey for a sweet, healthy treat. Another healthy recipe involves mixing a good amount of chia seeds with coconut milk, maple syrup, and a splash of vanilla, then putting it in the fridge to thicken. 

These foods are fantastic options because they are packed full of nutrients and safe for dysphagia patients to consume. The variety of ingredients that can be combined and added to these dishes will make every meal delicious and nutritious. 

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