5 Reasons To Install Dash Cams In Your Driving Fleet

Accidents happen. There’s no way around that. Even with all of the safety measures in the world, accidents are hard to avoid completely, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn from them.

The Risk To Your Fleet 

Understanding risk isn’t just about understanding what COULD happen, but it’s also important to learn from what HAS happened to make sure you can avoid the same mistakes happening in the future.

By installing fleet dash cams on your vehicles, you can collect evidence and data that can both help in the event of an accident by proving blame either way and also help drivers of the future by recording real-world examples of poor driving to avoid.

Here are five reasons that you should install fleet dash cams in your business vehicles.

Proving Fault For Insurance Purposes

Proving fault in an accident is often a very difficult task if there are no third-party witnesses. In most cases, drivers will be reluctant to admit fault (either your own driver or the other drivers involved) and will blame each other.

With a dash cam installed, this can act as a third-party witness to see the road conditions and the ability of the other driver(s) involved in the accident. If all parties have dash cams installed, this helps insurers and police to identify fault much quicker, settling claims faster.

Witnesses Assistance

As well as identifying the fault of the driver involved in an accident, dash cams can be used as witness evidence in other accidents. 

If your driver witnesses an accident but isn’t involved in the accident, it is possible for police to request your dash cam footage or for you to hand over your dash cam footage to help other drivers settle claims.

Improving Driver Safety

Being able to have a record of real-world incidents, road conditions, accidents, and general driving is an invaluable resource for driver training.

Dash cam footage from your own fleet gives a unique perspective and viewpoint from your own vehicles, giving your new drivers (or continued driver training employees) a real-world perspective of what they will actually see from your vehicles.

Tracking Vehicles

Dash cams have become more intelligent over the years. Now they are fitted with high definition cameras recording in 1080p and above with clear footage, great night modes to ensure footage is clear and visible even in the dark, and some even come with GPS tracking ability.

This allows you to keep your drivers safe and to assist with route changes should they need to change their planned route as they are going along.

Reducing Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies will give a discount if the fleet has dash cams installed. 

This is because they know it’s much easier to prove who was at fault in the event of an accident and because drivers who know there is a camera recording their driving tend to actually be safer drivers and make much better decisions when they are on the road, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

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