4 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

4 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Does it seem like you can’t seem to keep up with your house cleaning? Do you have dishes overflowing in your sink and laundry that seems to be spilling over your laundry baskets? The busier of a schedule you have and the bigger of a family that you have, the more challenging it can be to keep up with housework. 

However, a clean home is critical. Not only do you feel more at peace in the place that you live but also important for hygiene. A sink full of dishes isn’t just unsightly; it can lead to a pest infestation and even illness. If you’re ready to start keeping a clean home, then take a look at some of the best ways to do so, even with a busy schedule. 

Start a Cleaning Routine 

Cleaning your home should be a part of your daily routine. Rather than saving all your cleaning for one huge project at the end of the week or even month, do it in small increments on a daily basis. You are much more likely to commit to cleaning if it happens in small spurts. 

Large periods of cleaning are much less manageable and take up more of your time.  Small projects as little as 15 minutes long a day can make a significant difference in how clean your home is. 

Delegate To Other House Members 

One of the biggest reasons why homes get so messy is because only one person in the home handles the cleaning. If you’re a family with multiple kids, then there’s no reason why only one person should take care of all of the housework. Everyone should do their part no matter how big or small. 

Enlist the help of everyone in the family by giving them manageable tasks appropriate for their age. Whether it’s drying dishes, taking out the trash, or passing the vacuum, everyone is capable of doing a little something. The more everyone pitches in, the less intense the work will feel. 


One of the fastest ways to make your home dirty is to leave clutter everywhere. The more items that are on surfaces in your home, the more likely that they are to pile up. When your home is decluttered and minimal, you’re less likely to start letting things build up that become an unmanageable mess. 

Try to keep things decluttered in every room in your house. If you start to feel a pile building, make sure that you clear it out as soon as possible. 

Make The Bed 

So you love a clean home, but you don’t necessarily love cleaning. One of the best ways to make it look like your home is much cleaner than it is is to make your bed. It makes a huge difference in how tidy your home looks. Not to mention it feels much better to climb into a made bed rather than a messy one. 

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