Great Tips for Organizing Your Child’s Bedroom

Most parents will admit that the main challenge when it comes to having a pristine looking home is their children’s bedrooms. Some kid’s bedrooms look as though they have been hit by a tornado. It becomes even worse if the bedroom meant for children is the dumping place for worn-out clothes and unwanted items from other rooms. However, the situation can be changed because even young kids deserve an organized room. Research has shown that babies who grow in organized homes grow up to be organized adults and vice versa. Here are some great tips to help organize your kid’s bedroom.

1. Sort and Dispose

The first step towards having a neat room is de-cluttering all unwanted items. All clothes that are not worn anymore should be sorted either for disposal or donation. Those clothes that your babies have outgrown should also be packed for charity. Old newspapers that have been packed at the corner of the room should either be burnt or taken to a recycling plant near your area. Replace old toys and children stuff with new ones because old items always make a room seem dull and disorganized. You can get reviews on Whooops Daisy if you are unsure on where and what to buy.

2. Have Many Storage Units

The main reason why your child’s bedroom is messed up is that there is no storage for their stuff. Of course, a young kid has many stuffed animals, toys, and games. If you create more storage space, it is easy to keep the room neat. The shelves should be used to store puzzle games, dolls, and baby books. In addition, you should also have one large box to store away the toys when the baby is done playing.

3. Label Items

Another easy tip to help keep your child’s room neat is by labelling all items so that when they go looking for stuff, they know exactly where to find them. Otherwise, everything will be sent flying in the air whenever they want to find a pair of socks. As you fold the kid’s clothes, put similar items together and store them in a labelled box. Also have a laundry basket that is well marked so that when they remove dirty clothes, they put them inside instead of throwing them on the floor.

4. Involve Your Child

It would be hard to have a neat bedroom if you insist on doing it alone. The best way to have a clean bedroom always is by involving your child. Let them know the importance of having a clean room. Teach them organizational skills so that they will apply them as they grow up. Let them know that they should pick up all the toys and place them where they should be after each play session. If they are of age let them learn how to spread their bed. Once your child gets a hang of it, you will be surprised that their bedroom will always be neat.

5. Be a Good Role Model

Yes, you probably did not see this coming but it is true, your children will follow your example. If you leave your clothes lying on the couches, your keys on the tables, plates and cups are left on the table, then, it will be hard to convince your baby to be neat. Especially teenagers who will always copy what their parents are doing. Therefore, it is good to maintain overall cleanliness and organization in the home and the children will follow suit.


Children bedrooms can be messy but only if you do not work towards changing the situation. Some of the tips to help you ensure that the room is clean are if you involve your child in the process and also ensure that you lead by example. Most importantly, create plenty of storage space within the bedroom and ensure to sort and dispose of unwanted items. Lastly, label boxes and place respective items in them for easier location. 

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