10 Awesome Floor Cleaning Hacks You Could Do To Your Home

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Cleaning your tile flooring from Dallas Flooring Warehouse is never fun. Really, who likes to clean? You’ll find that very few people raise their hands and answer that question positively. Thankfully, there are 10 simple floor cleaning hacks that really work – and will make this task a little more enjoyable. Read on to find out what they are.

1) Clean Up Greasy Messes with this Compound

In order to cut through the grease that slops out of the pan and onto the floor, combine a little bit of dish soap with some warm water, vinegar, and baking soda. Mix the compound together and pour a little onto the floor (as long as it hasn’t been freshly waxed), then wipe up with a soft cloth.

2) Use A Quick Mop

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using one of those mops with the built-in cleaning spray. Just spray a little onto the floor, wipe it up, and keep on moving. These devices are great for quick spot cleaning.

3) Club Soda Serves a Purpose

Club soda is more than a useful mixer. You can also use it to get stains out of your carpeting. Put some in a bowl, dip a clean cloth in it, and then dab it onto the stain. It works much better than commercial stain removers.

4) Clean your High Traffic Areas the Most

Your high traffic areas need the most attention, so use plenty of hot water and clean towels on wood or tiles floors. For areas with carpeting, don’t be afraid to pull out the vacuum daily. For design ideas that would effectively improve your home, go to this blogpost. In the case you are a student who needs to write an academic paper but doesn’t have time, ask the experts from Usessaywriters.com to help you with your essay while cleaning your room – you’ll be satisfied with the results and get an excellent grade.

5) Use Steel Wool on Scratches

If your laminate or linoleum floor has a scratch, then it’s time to bust out the steel wool. This can be used on both types of flooring. Lightly rub the scratch with the steel wool and you’re done. It will vanish!

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6) Iron out Carpet Stains

Did you know that carpet stains can be ironed out? All that you need is the grease removing solution from number one, a washcloth, and a hot clothes iron.

7) Vinegar is Very Useful

Vinegar can get rid of many carpet stains, no matter how old they are. Just dab some on a cloth and apply it right to the carpeting.

8) Clean Your Spills Right Away

This isn’t really a hack, but it will definitely help. Once something spills on your tile flooring wipe it up right away. This will prevent stains from setting. Of course, if you find it difficult to keep on top of your cleaning then you may wan to try something like maid service Baton Rouge to make sure your house stays immaculate.

9) Hydrogen Peroxide and Lemon Oil Go A Long Way

One cool cleaning hack involves the use of hydrogen peroxide and lemon oil. If you dab a little bit of both on a stain on your tile floor, and then let the sun shine on that spot, it will vanish quickly.

10) Clean the Baseboard with a Dryer Sheet

Once you’re done cleaning the floor and the baseboards with your normal solution, go over the baseboards with a dryer sheet. You’d be surprised at what it will pick up!

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