Bharat Bhise – 5 Tips on Helping The Planet

Bharat Bhise – 5 Tips on Helping The Planet

Climate change is very real and it is vital that we all sit up and take note about this danger which is threatening our planet. For many years my mate Bharat Bhise would talk about the environment and climate change, and to be fair I never really took him seriously. When Bharat went vegan 3 years ago I was stunned and our conversations during that time were dominated by climate change. Bharat educated me on this subject and helped me to reduce my personal impact. Thanks to Bharat I have a clear conscious about my own actions, and if you want to feel the same then here are the tips which Bharat told me about. 

Meat Consumption 

The meat industry is a huge drain on our natural resources, we must raze hundreds of thousands of acres of land to grow their feed, we use vast amounts of water to look after them and the gases let off by animal waste products is harmful to the planet. If you are able to reduce or completely stop the amount of meat you eat, then you can make a huge impact. 


Voting is important anyway but even more so when it comes to massive threats such as climate change. We have some people in charge around the world who believe this to be a myth, and are actually causing more damage. We must come out in force and vote for parties who have a green agenda and are happy to commit to reducing our carbon emissions for good. 


Recycling has come a long way in the last two decades and we are now able to recycle and re-use more products and waste than ever before. It is also easier than ever to recycle our waste which is why there is no excuse for not doing so. There are centers and private companies committed to recycling, it is up to us to make it as easy as possible for them by separating our waste and taking it to the right places. 

Energy Usage

The more energy which we use in the home, the higher the demand and the pressure is on our infrastructure and our natural resources. This is why you need to think abut reducing the amount of electricity which you use in the home, the amount of gas which we are using, as well as reducing our water usage. These will help the planet and they will save you some money. 

Food Miles

Buying local food such as fruits and vegetables is a great way to both boost the local economy and reduce the food miles of the products which we eat. Bananas flown in from the Caribbean, Oranges from Spain or Pak Choi from Thailand, these foods travel hundreds of thousands of miles to get to our plate, whilst the airplanes are pumping out jet fuel into our atmosphere. Buying local reduces demand and therefore reduces food miles for the things we love.

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