Bogoljub Karic – How to Get Traffic To Your Website

Bogoljub Karic – How to Get Traffic To Your Website

So you have a website, you’ve chosen the theme and what it will be about, but how on Earth do you begin to drive traffic to your site so that people will see it? This is the age old question when it comes to starting a website and with so much competition out there it is a challenge which isn’t easy. My buddy Bogoljub Karic has this issue a couple of years ago when he first launched his blog and through much trial and error he has now grown his audience to a significant number. These are the things which worked for him in driving traffic to his blog, and the tips which may help you to grow your audience. 

The Basics

The basics for any website are a great design, ease of use and high quality content, even when there is nobody coming to look at your site, these are the vital cornerstones which you will need in place. The reason being is that you don’t just want people hitting your site once and then never again, once they visit once it is important that you are able to wow them so that they come back again and again. If the website is slow, looks bad, has broken links or poor quality content then they will not come back, which is why you have to get the basics right first. 

Social Media

Social media is one of your most important tools when it comes to promoting your website as it gives you access to hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes. When promoting your site on social media it will be important that you do so in the most creative way that you can think of. Make sure that you are aiming your posts at hashtags and groups which fall within the niche of your site. Try out different posting times and be sure to consistently add value on your social media profiles, sharing high quality content interspersed with sharing your website, this way users won’t get tired of seeing the same thing repeated. 

Blog Commenting 

Another great way of boosting your traffic is through commenting on other blogs which are within the same niche as you. These will usually be ‘nofollow’ links but a comment with a link to your website will be seen by anyone reading the content on another site, and could encourage them to come and check you out. 


Search engine optimization is about ranking high for certain keywords and if you are able to implement this to the content on your website, you can find a large volume of organic traffic. Let’s say that you have a site about Greek food, if you target keywords relating to Greek food then whenever people are searching for recipes they have a chance of finding your website. If you get this right it can bring in huge amounts of traffic to your website. 

These 4 tips should be the bare minimum of what you are doing in trying to get more people on your website.

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