Death of a Sibling: 3 Tips for Grieving a Lost Sibling

Did you know the stages of grief are not actually a real thing? If you’re trying to deal with the death of your sibling and aren’t going through the steps in the “right order,” don’t worry. You’re actually dealing with it just like everyone else does. 

Although death is difficult for some people to talk about, it’s important that we do. Learning about coping with death and moving forward takes a lot of courage, but it’s possible for anyone. 

It can feel impossible to navigate the world after anyone in your family dies, but the death of a sibling can be even harder for some people. Depending on the age of your sibling or even your relationship, being part of a grieving family takes its toll on a person.

If you’re looking for advice while grieving the death of a sibling, keep reading below for some simple ideas that may help.

1. Talk to Others You Love

One of the best things to do when you’re dealing with grief is to talk to loved ones about what you’re going through. In some cases, a lot of the support is offered to parents of children that pass away, but siblings don’t always get that attention. Talk to people that you love about how you’re feeling and what they can do to best support you during your time of grief.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you can always go on online forums to chat or read books that offer similar experiences to yours. This will help you feel a sense of connection that may help you feel like your feelings are more normalized. 

2. Say Goodbye in Your Own Way

If a sibling dies, it often happens in a way that is sudden and often traumatic. You may feel shocked by what’s happened, and this can lead to feelings of confusion or vulnerability.

Grief doesn’t happen the same way for anyone, so you may not even start to feel grief until days, weeks, or months after you hear the news. In many cases, you may not have had a chance to say goodbye to your brother or sister.

You can try writing a letter to your sibling that explains your feelings, what you wish could have been, or what you hope for the future. You can also try imagining them sitting in a chair and talking to them about what it is you would have said. If you’ve become a twinless twin, you can talk about what your dreams were and how they’ve changed now that your sibling is gone. 

3. Go to the Funeral or Service

Anyone that has had to attend the service of someone they have lost knows that it can be hard. You should consider attending the funeral to show respect to your family, but also to your sibling that is no longer with you.

Funerals are symbolic in many ways and being able to usher your sibling to their final place of rest can help bring closure. 

Coping After the Death of a Sibling

Figuring out how to live beyond after a death of a sibling might be difficult, but with time, you’ll learn what you need to do. Take care of yourself by reaching out for support, saying goodbye, and finding ways to get closure with your lost loved one.

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