How to Choose the Right Reputation Management Agency for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Reputation Management Agency for Your Business

Since there are so many factors nowadays that can affect the reputation of your business it might be time to invest in the services of reputation management agency. Anything from negative Instagram comments or terrible Yelp reviews can tear down the reputation that you worked so hard to build up. 

With the help of a company or professional who specializes in reputation repair you can ensure that things like negative reviews won’t take their toll. Once you have established that reputation is right for you it is time to decide on an agency. This can be a difficult choice since there are so many to choose from in 2019. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right reputation management agency for your company’s specific needs. 

Look into the company’s experience

As we mentioned before the need for reputation management is growing rapidly. Now that social media has taken over it seems like a company’s reputation can drop by hundreds of points within hours. News travels faster than ever and one negative review could be read thousands of times within the hour. 

Since there is such a high demand for reputation repair and management this has led to an insane increase in agencies that specialize in it. It seems like a new one is popping up every single day. Try not to trust the brand new agencies with little to no experience. Pick one that has been around for at least several years and knows the ins and outs of reputation management. 

Establish your specific goals for reputation management

Everyone has different goals and reasons to invest in reputation management. Maybe your company has a terrible reputation that you need to build up. Perhaps you have a decent reputation but would just like to get your name out there and increase awareness of your brand name. Some companies also wish to focus on social media marketing while others believe more in SEO tactics. 

Once you establish your specific goals for investing in reputation management then you can make an educated decision on which agency is right for you. Be sure to find an agency whose expertise aligns with your future goals. Typically a company has experience in all arenas relating to reputation management but find out if they specialize in what you’re looking for. 

Ask about costs and package options

Just like anything in the world some services will cost more than others. Establish this as soon as you sit down or conference call with the agency representatives. See if their prices align with your budget and ask about the cost of different package options. Typically you won’t pay a flat fee for the services but instead you’ll pay for each package add-on. For example, you’ll pay separately for social media marketing services and SEO content writing services. 

Will they be easy to work with? What about fun?

You can get a feel for this during your initial consultation. Decide if you could actually see yourself working with the agency’s team members and if you’ll have a good time doing it. Chances are you’ll be working closely with them on a number of projects so see if your personalities mesh well. 

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