4 Unique Digital Marketing Habits that Might Just Work for Your Business

4 Unique Digital Marketing Habits that Might Just Work for Your Business

One of the top ways to grow your business is through a number of digital marketing strategies that have become the norm in 2019. You can utilize any number of digital marketing techniques to promote your brand. Two of the most common ones are social media advertising and search engine optimization. 

In addition to some of the common forms of online marketing there are a few interesting marketing habits you can adopt to increase your profit margin. Read about some of the more unique and less conventional digital marketing habits that could potentially do wonders for your business. 

Be creative with your content

Who says that the content you create for SEO purposes has to be dry, stiff, and boring. For some reason a good amount of the new content that is uploaded to the internet follows this trend. There are plenty of snooze-inducing articles found through Google searching so do us all a favor by posting something a bit more interesting. 

Your readers will appreciate creative content that actually makes them want to continue reading. Remember that it doesn’t always need to be factual information (just avoid presenting your opinions as facts). Feel free to even get a bit weird, that is unless your main clientele are 80-year-old grannys. 

Develop a persona

If you develop a personal brand that your customer base can relate to you are more likely to hold the attention of your targeted audience. A great method for this is to develop a blog and really focus on establishing your voice within the posts. Try to use wit, humor, sarcasm, or a certain charm within your writing that will make you more relatable to your readers. 

Give out freebies

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether it’s free samples handed out by the friendly Costco ladies or a free cruise trip that you won through a giveaway, free is free and we ALL love it. You customers and potential customers will love it too. 

One of the best “free stuff” strategies is to offer your product or a sample of your product and ask for a review in exchange. Unfortunately you cannot tell them that they have to leave a positive review but the chances of it being positive are much higher since they didn’t actually have to pay for the product. 

Reach out to celebs and influencers

There is a unique population that has been growing over the past few years: the Instagram Influencers. The title of being an “Influencer” sounds so official and important, and it actually is! Someone who makes money as an Influencer has tons of social media followers and these followers actually feel that the Influencer’s opinion matters. 

You can hire an Influencer to promote your brand through posts or photos on social media. It might sound like a silly marketing strategy to hire a 21-year-old female to take a picture wearing your company’s lipsticks, but it could actually work. Don’t underestimate the power of the Influencer. 

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