Wines You Should Drink For An Optimum Hotel Staycation Experience

While it’s still Springtime, a lot wanted to stay in the comfort of their own home. Aside from the fact that the weather outside is starting to warm up and conditions might change from time to time, most people wanted to get rid of the bad climate outside. This is the main reason why people also made a way of entertaining themselves while they’re at home.

That said, one of the best ways to spend and make the most out of your time while it’s still Spring season is a staycation. You might probably look for the best hotels nearby where you can book rooms at a cheaper rate but offers great quality and make sure that you get that full relaxation you need. These places for staycation will also help you get comfortable and stress-free while you’re sitting in the couch or lying in bed.

Also, along with your ability to look for the best hotel to spend your staycation activity, one best way to make the most of it is by sipping a glass of wine. This is the most common thing to do while you are inside the hotel room or within the premises recreational area. So today, along with your search of excellent hotels for a great staycation, we will be giving you a list of wines that will surely guide you what you need to drink to make the most out of your staycation siesta time. 

Bovio Barbera d’Alba Regiaveja 2016

It’s a kind of wine you can best enjoy while you are in a staycation. This is perfect if you only want to sit down and chill. This wine originally came from Italy where the main ingredients are cherry jam, mushrooms on the nose, and bramble. When you go to taste this, it fits perfectly your palate because of its lush, tannic, and expensive taste. 

Besides, Barbera is best when you pair it arugula salad and steak. You will never go wrong if you choose this kind of wine during your spring staycation. It brings full indulgence and satisfaction as you eat your favorite dishes to taste. Truly, Barbera is something you need to include in your wine list. 


Margaux wines are one of the best types of Chateau Margaux wines. It is ideal to drink during springtime or even in your staycation because of its exquisite and unique taste. It is made from freshly picked grapes and manufactured using a hybrid, opulent, fleshy, and succulent taste. It comes with a ruby or purple color with a very promising aroma that will really tempt you to consume more. 

Once you taste this, you will feel the full intensity as it touches your taste buds. This wine is naturally-bottled and it comes in a very elegant label. Surely, your spring staycation experience will be a memory worth keeping for. 

Cabernet Franc

It’s a versatile type of drink that you can ultimately enjoy as you go along and sip a glass of it during your hotel staycation. This drink can either reach a range either a full body or medium depending on how it’s being produced by the manufacturers. If you are eating a lamb stew and chilling, then choosing a Cabernet Franc is the best wine choice to complement your dish and your mood

Additionally, this is a type of a medium bold wine that best suits during a rainy climate brought by the spring weather. It refreshes your mind; thus, paving a way of an incredible hotel staycation you want to experience.

Arnot-Roberts Trousseau

This is mainly produced and manufactured in the North Coast of California. This wine has a delicate, fresh, and light taste which will definitely make it the right choice for you while you are swimming on the pool and experience that full relaxation. You can definitely enjoy this while dipping in that pool water while you mingle with your friends or meet new acquaintances. 

It has a concentrated licorice and fruit pulps which best paired with a mushroom dish. The Arnot-Roberts Trousseau wine can surely give you that full satisfaction once you sip a glass of it. Your spring staycation experience will never go wrong with this wine to drink. 

Domaine Derey Frères Gevrey-Chambertin 

It’s a Pinot Noir brand that is manufactured originally in France. It relinquishes a complex and elegant character which gives way a full flavor in your taste buds. It’s a great way to enjoy your spring hotel staycation as it really sets a happy mood while you are sitting in your couch catching that favorite series on Netflix. 

This wine is also best paired with root vegetables and roasted chicken which stabilizes your appetite when you eat it. Find yourself in eating that best chicken dish with a glass of Domaine Derey Frères Gevrey-Chambertin and experience the best hotel staycation ever.

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