How to Keep Your CSP Cybercrime-Proof on a Budget

Traversing the ups and downs of the virtual world is part of modern life, yet even now, in today’s digital era, cybercrime is rampant, and not everyone is doing their bit to protect their networks on and offline. 

If this sounds familiar, then don’t panic; yes, you need new approaches to network security and will need to evolve over time, but fortunately, some of the best solutions don’t need to cost you very much at all, particularly when you consider how costly a successful data breach can be. 

If you feel as though you could be doing more to protect your CSP online, here are some points worth taking a look at. 

A Network-Based Solution

Scalable, reliable, and unified network security services that can be integrated into your existing framework might be the best option for anyone looking to protect their CSP and their customers online. Plus, it’s a joy to use, for both your staff and your customers, making both accessibility and functionality flourish without sacrificing security. 

Cutout Mistakes

Mistakes are part of life, and they can even be a critical part of the development process for employees. 

Big mistakes, however, ones that jeopardize the safety and security of your CSP and its customers, need to be cut out. 

This is highly noteworthy in the realm of cybersecurity because human error still accounts for so many successful data breaches. The best way to mitigate mistakes from employees is to ensure that they are sufficiently educated and feel confident enough to navigate around your company network with ease. 

From basic cyber hygiene to advanced online security awareness, people are usually at different levels when it comes to operating online, so it may be your responsibility to ensure that your staff are at the level they need to be at to carry out their roles safely and effectively. 

Take Note of the Regulations

Everywhere is different when it comes to rules and regulations, so it is well worth familiarizing yourself with your local laws regarding data privacy

Even if you just have a read of the data policy and make sure that your CSP company is compliant, you might find that you can uncover some quick, easy and free solutions under expert guidance. 

It may also remind you of any gaps that you may have in your security infrastructure, which do need to be plugged if you are to strengthen your efforts across the board. 

Take Care of Physical Security

It’s not just the virtual world you need to keep an eye on, it’s the physical one too, and this means ensuring that your work devices are completely secured, encrypted, and password protected. As your company heavily relies on tech and decides, this is incredibly important. 

Failing to care for this side of cybersecurity can put your entire operation at risk, so next time you leave your work phone lying around, make sure nobody can break into it, even if they tried!

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