Keeping a Couples Notebook

Keeping a Couples Notebook

A couple of notebooks can help you capture all the beautiful and important moments of your relationship. 

In fact, most professional couples’ therapists recommend journaling as a way of strengthening relationships. 

You can start by writing down the simple stuff you experience in life as you graduate to the most complicated ones. Here are more suggestions that you can include in your couples notebook or journal. 

  • Create a bucket list

When in a relationship you want the best life for you and your partner. Most people want to travel the world, introduce their partner to their parents, have a dream wedding, make babies, buy a house, invest, etc. 

Write down all your dreams in your couple’s journal. Creating a bucket list of all your plans can help you turn them into reality. 

For instance, if you dream of going to Disney land in two years, keeping a journey will help you remember your goals when that time comes.

  • Keep a daily record

Keep note of every moment you spend with your partner. This includes the happy times and the tough times. This way, you can reflect on them even in the future. 

Memories are the key foundation to a successful relationship. A good memory can instantly resuscitate a dying relationship, especially during trying times. 

Keeping records of a rough situation that you recently experienced, can help you solve a similar situation in the future. 

For example, if your partner surprised you with chocolates or you did a dance together that you both enjoyed, be sure to note it down.

  • Write letters to each other

This may seem old-fashioned compared to sending a text or an email. However, writing letters to each other can be more romantic. 

Letter writing is a simple and easy way of expressing thoughts and feelings to each other. You can choose to write in different colors to distinguish each other’s entries. 

You can also decorate your message with cute heart-shaped drawings or flowers depending on what your partner likes. See this link to read more on how you can keep a love journal 

  • Share stories from the past

Sharing past experiences can be so inspiring and interesting. It could be something you loved to do or hated. Your partner may understand you better through your past stories. 

It is also a good way of creating humor and laughter in your relationship. Be sure to include even the most embarrassing situations. You may be surprised how that can lead to a productive dialogue in case the same showed up in the present.

  • Ask and answer one question each day 

This can also be a good way to spice up your romance. Start by leaving a question every morning for your partner and give them ample time to figure it out. 

It could be a random question, something you want to know about them, or something you recently noticed about them, and you want answers to. 

Take turns to ask and answer each other’s questions. These can be a fun way of understanding your partner’s thoughts better and their answers may even surprise you.

  • Challenge each other to try something new

Write down anything new you would like to do with your partner. It could be yoga, visiting the gym, dancing, or learning to prepare new dishes. This will expose you to more fun activities besides dinner dates or movie nights.

  • Tell your partner what inspires you

Write down quotes, stories, images, or bible verses that you love and explain to your partner why they inspire you so much. 

These cherished ideas may help your partner understand exactly who you are as compared to dialogues. 

It is easier to forget some of the most important details especially when you lead a busy lifestyle. However, keeping them in your couple’s journey will help you connect better with your spouse as time goes by.

  • Share something you enjoyed

Did you go on an amazing trip? Watch a great movie? See a funny meme online or had a foreign dish? Share something that made you really happy and explain to your spouse why you enjoyed it. 

Let your partner write down their experiences as well and talk about them too. This way you will get to learn what excites and engages your spouse more.

  • Write down a compliment

Compliments are a great way to appreciate your partner. If you like your partner’s hair, smile, voice, or just the way they walk, write it down in the journal. This way your partner can read the compliments and know how you feel about them. Make sure to compliment your spouse often to strengthen your bond. Click here to see a few ideas.


Journaling is a great way of communicating and bonding with your partner. If you’re struggling to communicate, you can write your feelings in a notebook and have your better half read your thoughts. This way, you can get a deeper insight into what makes your partner happy and what doesn’t.

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