Never Lose Your Phone Again with These Top Hacks

Losing your phone can be a complete nightmare; not only does it cut off your main line of communication with others, but it can be costly to replace it. It’s incredibly easy to lose your phone, whether it gets stolen or you accidentally leave it in that coffee shop you went to on your lunch. Sometimes it’s easy to retrieve it, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. To help you avoid having to deal with such a frustrating situation, use these top hacks. 

Tracking Apps

If you don’t already have a tracking app on your phone, then you should get one ASAP. These useful tools not only help you find a misplaced phone but can assist in locating thieves in case your phone has been stolen. These apps are available for all kinds of smartphones, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that is suitable for your model. 

Lanyard Phone Case

Phone cases are always worth the investment to avoid scuffs or smashed screens, which is why the majority of people buy them. However, if you want to make sure you never lose your phone again, why not buy a case that can prevent this situation, too? provides stylish lanyard phone cases that you can wear around your neck or across your body, so you never have to put it down and forget about it again. 

Make It Noticeable

Another great way to avoid losing your phone is by making it noticeable. Some phones already come in bright colors, but usually, people have black phones or ones in darker tones. This can lead to a phone getting easily lost in bedsheets, couches, or other places where they might fade into the background. To stop this from happening, customize your phone with a bright phone case or stickers to help it stand out. 

Don’t Set it to Vibrate

What’s the first thing you do when you’ve lost your phone? Get a friend to call it, right? A lot of people set their phones to vibrate (or worse silent) as it can be less embarrassing to hear a buzz go off in a quiet room rather than an annoying tune or that guilty pleasure song you set as your ringtone. However, while setting your phone to vibrate might have its perks, it can be harder to hear when you have lost your phone than a louder ringing. Consider setting your ringer to loud to make finding your phone easier. 

Put It Away

Finally, to reduce the chances of you leaving your phone somewhere or tempting others to steal it, don’t leave it out on tables, desks, or other places you’re sitting. Put it away in your pocket or bag, so you don’t get distracted and forget that it’s on the table when you get up and leave. This happens all the time, and you might not be lucky enough that someone will keep it safe behind the counter for you in case you return. 

Losing your phone can be a very frustrating experience. Make sure you never lose your phone again by using these top hacks.

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