Should You Be Trying Out Exotic Dildos?

We’re women. And as women, we have needs much like any other man. Our physiological needs include food, water, shelter, socialization, clothes, and guess what? Sex, a whole lot of it. So why do we often feel like we have to limit our expression of sexuality in fear of society’s judgement? Being humans that we are, women are also sexual beings. We crave warmth, we seek out pleasure, and we like orgasms. What in the world is so wrong about that?

Unfortunately, good orgasms (like real ones, not the kind you fake just to satisfy the other person’s delusion about being great in bed) don’t grow on trees. FYI, it is quite a well-known fact that a good chunk of women don’t orgasm at all. Check the facts in this article. It’s either something biological which means that their bodies simply don’t work that way. Or, they have been cursed with pathetic partners their entire life. Now, that’s a real life sleeping beauty story right there. The only difference is that beauty doesn’t have to be woken up from actual slumber but rather, sexual slumber.

If sexual satisfaction is difficult to achieve even with a partner, can you begin to imagine how much more difficult it would be if you don’t have one? Sure, hook-up apps are nice and they help you get through the roughest and driest of times but there are some of us who don’t find casual sex flattering at all. There are many of us who fear men and their STDs so we’d rather keep away. If you have no means to satisfy your sexual hunger, then what’s a girl to do?

Here’s a suggestion: Why not get your hands on exotic dildos?

What Are Dildos?

Surprised? Probably not. You clicked on this article with “exotic dildo” in the title so I think you were waiting for this. I really don’t think I need to spell out what dildos are for you. You’re a grown-ass woman so I assume that you know what these thing-a-ma-jiggles are. In two words, they’re “fake penises” sold in adult shops because good men are hard to come by these days. 

But no, seriously, it’s not like single women are the only ones who’d be interested in this hot sex toy. I must tell you, women who are in long-term, committed relationships enjoy this type of play too. Many men get turned on when women masturbate, after all, so the use of sex toys in foreplay is pretty popular among the taken crowd as well. Let’s just say that it helps spice up the sex and increase the overall satisfaction of both people involved. 

Dildos are great fun and can be enjoyed by both women who are single and those in relationships. But in the world of adult play, things just get crazier by the year. Believe it or not, but manufacturers keep upping the scale when it comes to sexual plays. 

Nowadays, there is more than one type of dildo you can enjoy alone or with a partner. There are even crazy-weird, out of this world types. We call them exotic dildos.

What’s The Difference Between Traditional & Exotic Dildos?

In a word, the main difference lies in the “creativity” of the toy. Contrary to traditional dildos which are basically replicas of the male genitalia, exotic dildos like to add a little more “spice.” It’s like a dildo with a concept. For example, we have alien and zombie dildos in the market right now. And it’s not just a play on names. They actually are made to look like alien and zombie penises should those things ever be real. I guess you can say that it’s what manufacturers imagine alien and zombie genitals to look like in real life. You have to check them out, they’re just wicked.

Aside from those two, there is also what we call tentacle dildos which are literally made to look like an octopus’s tentacle cut off complete with its sucky cups. It’s said that the shape and design improve G-spot stimulation. To know more about G-spot stimulation, read here:

Lastly, there’s also the unicorn dildo which is pretty discrete if you ask. It’s bright and colorful and resembles an innocent unicorn horn. People would normally mistake it for a child’s toy. But you know, it’s not. Why not give these babies a try?

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