The Difference Between Vape Pens and Mods

The popularity of vaping is increasing by the day especially among young adults. As such, there is a lot of information on everything about vaping that is invaluable to both novices and seasoned vapers. The information is useful when buying vape pens, vape mods, e-juice, and even accessories.

Buying vape pens and mods requires some consideration since they are the most expensive. They come in numerous varieties, and this can be confusing to any buyer. Fortunately, this article addresses this challenge. Read on to learn more.

Vape Pen and Mod Styles

Vape pens are more popular than mods for obvious reasons; they are small tubular devices that are easy to carry around and use. On the other hand, vape mods are slightly larger box-shaped vape devices with more features than just batteries, coils, and a tank.

Both come in fancy colors and chassis materials ranging from plastic and metal to wooden decorations. Their styles make it possible for vapers to pick what is convenient for them.

Vape Pen and Mod Features

Basically, both of these types of devices have a mouthpiece, tank, coils, and batteries. The devices burn vape juice to produce vapor that is inhaled by users. Due to the creativity of manufacturers and the need to meet the preferences of users, both devices might have more features.

It is now common to have safety features and smart chips in any of the devices. But box mods are definitely more sophisticated. Some are even programmable and do have a memory chip to remember your favorite settings. If you want to view e-cigs with the latest features, browse this site and have a look.

Vape Pen and Mod Materials

The materials used in these pens determine durability, style, price, and many other things. High-end vape pens and mods are made of pricey metal chassis and finished with expensive hardwood or gemstones. Many business people and celebrities are known to vape e-cigs and box mods that are decorated with gold, diamonds, and other gemstones.

On the other hand, common vape pens, pods, Juuls, and e-hookahs that are meant to be affordable for college students are made of cheap materials such as aluminum, plastic, and glass. However, most of them remain stylish and colorful to entice young adults.

Vape Pen and Mod Cost

These devices differ in price depending on many factors such as materials and features. Generally, vape pens and pods are more affordable than box mods. This is why most young adults prefer to use vape pens, Juuls, and pods. However, these less costly devices do not have a long lifespan now that they are made of cheaper materials. Additionally, they usually have disposable e-juice pods. What users often do not know is that this can be costly in the long run. Expensive vape mods are durable for many years, and the features make them more interesting to use.

Final Word

When buying vape pens and mods, your budget will dictate the style, type, and materials to get. But a little bit of research can lead you to a great offer. Now that you know, it is time to go for the best device that will enhance your vaping experience.

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