Why Kindness is What has Taken Mahesh Navani to the Top

Why Kindness is What has Taken Mahesh Navani to the Top

There is a common misconception ins business that a CEO or an owner of a company should be like a dragon, balling and screaming until they get what they want. The notion however that these mean and women all lead with aggression and instill the fear of God into their employees simply isn’t true, at least in most of the case, and the majority of successful CEOs could not be more different than this foolish idea which has been [presented to us by TV shows and Hollywood movies. In fact in the case of my friend and boss Mahesh Navani I would go as far to say that it has been his kindness which has got him to where he is, and here is why. 

Helping Out Later 

I can remember my mum always saying no to be rude to people as you move up the ladder because they will be the ones to let you go when you fall. In this case of Mahesh Navani this actually came true, albeit in the opposite way. Back in his first year in the company he had an opportunity to lay the blame for one o this mistakes on a colleague, in fact he was pretty much encouraged to do so by our then CEO. Mahesh naturally refused and took the blame himself, and he spoke to the lady in question to notify her about what had happened. Sic years after this event Mahesh was aiming for a board seat and there was to be a vote between the members of which this lady was now a part. She had the deciding vote and of course she gave it to Mahesh, yes because of his ability but also to repay the kindness which Mahesh had shown. 


So many leaders come into the workplace shouting and balling and they expect to gain respect from their employees, actually they expect to already have their respect. Mahesh Navani was never like this and he always viewed respect as something which should be earned, and which should also go both ways. Mahesh has always been nice, friendly and helpful with his workforce and this is why they will go to war for him everyday. Make no mistake when there is a time for being not so nice, Mahesh can do that very well too, but 99% of the time he kills them with kindness. 


I have been Mahesh’s assistant since the early days and I always used to be amazed at how he would go out of his way to help clients and partners, and even the competition. Now that he is CEO I understand why he was so great with those people because now they are falling over themselves to do favors for him wherever they can. Mahesh has strong alliances and plenty of contacts should he need them, most of who have been earned thanks to his kindness. 

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