Things You Have To Do As A First-Time Manager

Things You Have To Do As A First-Time Manager

Being promoted to a management position for the very first time is almost always overwhelming. You are ready to fully take charge and you surely already think about the new paycheck. However, problems appear when you actually start to get the job done. Although being a first-time management is a truly huge accomplishment, we should understand that it is also challenging. There is a pretty good possibility you will not know what to do so here are some tips to help you get things right, from German Trujillo Manrique

Be Smart

One of the most important things you need to do is to learn all that you can. Being a brand new manager is all about finding the right management resources, tools and classes that will help you move forward. Fortunately, many organizations offer supervisor training, manuals and there are policies in place to help. These need to be read. In the event there is no such material available, you need to find all that you can online. 

Look For A Mentor

So many of the situations you are going to have to deal with as a first-time manager are not covered by manuals or policies. For instance, how will you deal with one team member that does not perform as he/she should? Or how can you keep a really good overachiever on the team when there are no funds for promotion?

Fortunately, there is a really good possibility that there is another person that already dealt with the situation you will soon have to face. Because of this, it is a really important thing that you find a really good mentor you can trust. When the mentor is the boss, even better. If this is not the case, look for someone else that can help you, even if that person does not work at your company. 

Change Focus

Most people are promoted due to the fact that they are really good at the job that they do. However, when you start work as a manager, the job is no longer just about you. Before being the manager, you have to accomplish specific tasks. After becoming the manager, you need to help people accomplish tasks. 

When you are a first-time manager, it is hard to make the shift to the new focus. However, it is something that is crucial since your performance as a manager is automatically tied to the performance of the team. 

Always Listen

So many of the new managers want to make a huge impact so they make changes. This is sometimes a very bad idea. The first thing that you have to do as a manager is to listen. You want to understand your team and the organization. Individual meetings are actually a really good thing. Ask questions and actually listen to answers. 

It goes without saying that it is impossible to please all people. However, something as simple as asking for input will go a really long way towards building open communication and positive relationships. These are vital if you want to manage anyone.

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