Why You Need to Choose Your Branding Carefully

When it comes to running a business, one of the trickiest things to decide on is your branding. A company can go through so many logo changes in the early stages of its life. Here are some ways that can help you come up with ideas of how you can choose your branding, and why you should think about it carefully.

You don’t want to remind your customers of another brand

There are two ways you should look at this. Finding the grey area between these two things takes a lot of time and effort but can lead to excellent results. The thing is, you want to remind people of other brands enough to get a positive response from them, but without reminding them of the brand enough that they will do a turnaround and go and buy something from them instead. 

You also don’t want it to overlap with anyone else’s brand, otherwise, you might find yourself in some copyright-related hot water. For example, you want to open a fast-food restaurant, and you chose the colour yellow for your main brand colour. This is cutting it dangerously close to McDonald’s, but Wendy’s managed it, so it’s not completely out of the window for you to try. However, it is recommended that you use bright colours to quickly grab someone’s attention when they are flicking through fast food apps such as Uber Eats. 

You also want your logo to look good splashed all over the rest of your business, such as custom swag like you can get from anthembranding.com. A memorable logo on promotional items can help your brand get recognised quickly too, form positive associations, and boost your brand profile and ultimately your sales.

Be clear, clever, and precise, and have a catchy slogan

This is important when you are thinking about a slogan. As mentioned above, it needs to be something eye-catching that you can put on custom swag that will stay in people’s heads long after they have seen it. These can be phrases used in everyday speech, much like McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin’ it’. You need to be very clever and concise with your slogans. They can affect and change your business and can shape it in the public eye. Your slogan can’t be anything dull or boring. This is a super important thing to get right, as customers can be turned off quickly if they are faced with a company that does not present itself in a fun or interesting way.

Final thoughts

You want to make sure that your business is the best it can possibly be. This is why you need to think about your branding carefully. You don’t want to remind customers of another brand to the extent that they go and buy from that company instead, but you do want to make sure that it reminds them enough that they associate the colours of your business with something they already trust. You also need to think of a good enough slogan which represents your business and makes your business look good in the public eye.

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