3 Advantages of Raw Dog Food

We love our dogs and they love us right back, so we always do our best to keep them happy and healthy. Giving your dog regular exercise is one important step to achieving this, but you must also give careful consideration to their diet. A dog’s diet should be varied, enjoyable for them to eat, and nutritious, and there’s a huge selection available when it comes to good quality dog food. Increasingly, however, many pet owners are serving raw dog food, so here are three reasons why it could be the perfect choice for your four-legged friend.

1. A Natural Choice

Our domestic pets have wild ancestors, and let’s face it, they all still have a little bit of the wolf in them. Wolves and other wild canids have a diet that consists purely of raw food, and they thrive upon it. Sometimes, we have to accept that nature knows best, so feeding raw dog food to our pets allows them to get as close as possible to the diet that their bodies were designed to consume. For that reason, most dogs love to be served up raw dog food, so it can be a smart choice if you have a dog who is seemingly a fussy eater or who has lost their appetite.

2. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Convenience Food

As humans, we know the huge benefits that freshly prepared food can bring, and that eating pre-prepared and packaged convenience food every day isn’t the best way to achieve fitness and health. It’s the same for our pets, and the tins and packets of pet food are the equivalent of our convenience food, bringing the same potential pitfalls. To keep these foods fresh, they are packed full of preservatives, as well as additives that wouldn’t be found in a dog’s natural diet. Raw dog food, on the other hand, contains none of these junk ingredients and, as it’s carefully prepared to meet the most stringent regulations, it’s also certified free of salmonella and other harmful bacteria.

3. A Healthier Option

Perhaps the main reason that more and more people are choosing raw dog food for their pets is the health and wellness advantages they see. Expert manufacturers such as Nature’s Menu are dedicated to providing natural dog food that is high in nutritional value as well as being appetising to a dog, and with a variety of products and sizes, they have food which is suitable for all varieties of dogs, including puppies. Their customers report that their dogs have fresher breath, a shinier coat, more energy and improved digestion, which means firmer stools.

It’s clear that not only is raw dog food a more natural dietary choice, it can also bring a wide variety of health benefits to dogs young and old. It can be an especially smart move for dogs who have allergies and who may have experienced problems digesting convenience dog foods. With all these benefits allied to great value for money too, it seems likely that raw food will become the food of choice for increasing numbers of dog lovers every year.

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