How To Secure A Coworking Space At One World Trade Center

How To Secure A Coworking Space At One World Trade Center

New York City presents motivated entrepreneurs with a smorgasbord of opportunities. The city is an international destination for business and finance, and nowhere else is symbolic of this as One World Trade Center. The Tower stands close to 1800 feet high, and from anywhere in the city it can be seen, almost as a beacon of industry. 

The structure houses a number of businesses and at least two major city and national landmarks. While the space definitely leaves an imposing presence and is quite intimidating, securing an office in the building is quite possible. Your coworking space at One World Trade Center, New York City can provide your business with adequate office space without the expensive price tag characteristic of office space in this area. 

Continue reading to learn about how to secure space in one of NYC’s most amazing buildings.

Take A Tour

The WTC is one of the city’s most recognised buildings and is the home of the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Located in the middle of Manhattan’s Financial District (FiDi), the building has 104 stories with a grand lobby and observation deck. Sky Lobby on Level 64 holds private events, and visitors can take in majestic and panoramic views of the city. 

Those looking to work in the building should consider taking a tour of the offices. Get a feel for what the business community is like during the peak hours of the day. Finally, see who is out and about in the office to get a sense of what working in the building might be like.

Review The Plans

If looking for a coworking space, consider all of the options there are in the building. Most coworking spaces offer various types of workspaces (hot desk, dedicated desk, and private office), in addition to amenities. Because the WTC is a corporate building, you can expect a very professional fit out that is staffed with support professionals (typically receptionists).  Additionally, the office is in one of the most established buildings so the costs might be a little elevated, but in comparison to a conventional office in the same building, it is a lot less. 

Talk To Serviced Provider

Those interested in leasing space in the WTC coworking community should book an appointment with a leasing specialist to review the space’s plans. This person can give you a tour of the workspace and can answer any questions you might have concerning the rates and the plans. Before arriving, just make sure to list any questions or concerns you might have about joining the space because shared space is not for everyone

Ask For A Trial Run

Depending on the fit out, some coworking spaces will allow professionals to sample the space for the afternoon. Ask a specialist for a trial run, so that you can get an idea of how the space runs during the time when you would want to work. Pay attention to noise levels and how many times the office is cleaned. In doing this, it is another chance for you to get an idea of the best time to work during the day.

Pick One

Based on your own business inventory, consider your options. The best way to go is to choose a space that has an events calendar and that has tools that can be used to leverage growth for your business. Also, make sure they have conference rooms because working in one of the most fascinating buildings in the world should create an opportunity for collaboration.

Snag Space At The WTC 

Your business can also sit in one of the offices that tower above NYC. Once established, you’ll find the buzz of business very exciting but more importantly accessible to the type of work you want to accomplish. WTC has one of the most respected reputations globally, and through coworking, your business can benefit from this polish.

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