5 Effective Checks To Perform Before a Road Trip

If you are going on a longer than usual road trip, perhaps for a summer holiday, then you should make a few checks on your car before getting behind the wheel. If not, you could regret it. Drivers who fail to keep their car in a roadworthy condition will often find they encounter no problems on short trips. However, they will frequently come unstuck on longer drives. What are the most effective checks you should make?

1. Inflate Your Tyres

Long road trips mean you will eat up the miles on the motorway. If your tyres are not properly pumped up, then you’ll find it hard to brake in time when encountering hazards. You could also find that cornering is an issue because of the lack of grip you suffer from. Besides, under-inflated tyres take more energy to turn so you’ll needlessly spend more on fuel.

2. Check When Your MOT is Due

You don’t want to be away from home and find that your MOT has run out. Take a look at when the next one is due and make sure it is conducted before your road trip. It is always best advised to get your MOT on time. Many local MOT garages can guide you on your vehicle’s needs. Let’s say if you are in Scotland, you can book MOTs in Dundee at Fife Autocentre.

3. Top Up Screenwash

Running out of screenwash is a hassle you can do without on a long journey. One quick refill before you head off will be enough to ensure you can see clearly out of your windscreen for the full duration of your road trip.

4. Take Recommended Actions Following an MOT

If your last MOT was a pass but the mechanic noted some things that you might need to do, then now is the time. Typically, this might mean replacing brake pads or worn down tyres before they are no longer legal to drive on.

5. Confirm Your Lights All Work

This is an important check to make when you will be driving into unknown weather conditions. A blown headlamp is relatively easy to spot but ask yourself the last time you checked your hazard warning lights, your fog lamp and your reversing light. All of these should be in good working order before setting off.

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