5 Most Haunted Cities in Europe

5 Most Haunted Cities in Europe

Europe is blessed with a beauty like no other. Pick any city and you would be astounded by the sheer gorgeousness of each. Since ages, it has attracted men from all walks of life. And when I say all walks of life, I mean literally. The spirit world also seeks refuge in the darkness of the many European cities. Europe has witnessed each era extravagantly. Its history is mammoth. And, history does keep both the good and the bad safe in its heart. So, when a road can lead you to the most picturesque vistas, the same could lead you in to the abode of a spirit. Europe has a fair share of paranormal happenings. Scary, isn’t it? But, then again, what’s life lived in just a safe bubble? I say, go out and explore Europe and see the real meaning of haunted. Book economic, business or first class flight tickets now!         


As it’s known, London’s weather is unpredictable. It could be sunny one moment and in the very other, it can get all foggy. And, as the fog envelopes the city, it dons an eerie feel. That’s when the spirit world comes to life. London is dipped in hues of Victorian era and it wouldn’t be a surprise if most of the otherworldly creatures hail from the 19th and 20th centuries. The pubs in London are a particular favorite of the ghostly world. The ghost of Annie Chapman, victim of Jack the Ripper haunts “The Ten Bells” pub in Shoreditch. So if you get a little tipsy and happen to experience something unnatural, remember that this time the alcohol isn’t to be blamed!     


Medieval castles and bridges are the essence of Prague. It is a city that makes you believe in fairytales. And, just as much as the fairytales look believable in Prague, so does the spooky world of the spirits. If you are in the know about the folklore of the city, you must be aware of the mythical creature — Golem — that apparently used to watch over the streets of Prague to defend the Jewish ghettos. Another place is the Houska Castle. Perched on the outskirts of the city, it is said to have been built over the gateway of hell. And, from there escaped the demons through the bottomless pit. So, chances are you might come across one of those while taking a stroll on the cobblestone paths at night. 


Dublin is a treasure trove of nature. And, nature is accepting of both the saint and the devil. This unbiased “nature” of nature has led Dublin to be a playground for many paranormal activities. Drawing inspiration, many horror stories have been penned down by Irish writers. Talking about the realm of literature, Dublin’s famous university — Trinity College — is frequented by the spirit of the former professor Edward Ford, who was brutally murdered. Education definitely comes with a price? Am I right or Am I right? Apart from that, the scenic Lambay Island which is off the coast of Dublin is swarmed by the spirit of the sailors who drowned on their maiden journey from Liverpool to Australia. 


Edinburgh appears to be hiding many secrets in its heart at the very first look. And, only when you begin to explore it, you realize that secrets are many. And, not every secret is a pleasant revelation in Edinburgh. It takes someone truly brave to explore the underground city which is built with a series of passageways and vaults beneath the South Bridge. The experience is full of chills. The Edinburgh Playhouse is another place in the city where you will turn pale with fear. It is allegedly claimed to be haunted by a stagehand clad in a grey coat who was murdered under suspicious circumstances.      


The Afterlife is a concept that has been revered in Rome since time immemorial. Countless statues signify their belief in the dead. Even the St. Peter Basilica has the “Doors of Death” which the Christians forbid walking through as it is said to bring bad luck. If you have found last minute flight deals to Rome and plan to fly there soon, one striking thing you’re bound to come across, well apart from the spirits, is the piazza. Rome is graced with many piazzas and one not to be missed amongst it is the Campo de’ Fiori. It is believed to be the wandering ground of the spirit of Giordano Bruno, the acclaimed philosopher and astrologer. On similar lines, the spirit of Pope Joan is seen at the Ponte Sisto Bridge during the first burst of sunrise. She is said to have reigned during the middle ages. Looks like in Rome even the morning doesn’t deter the spirits from scaring people. 


This small commune in Romania may not ring any bells… until you find out it’s where Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, is located! Romania’s #1 tourist attraction is perched almost unbelievably on a cliff overlooking a crossing of the Carpathian Mountains. This impressive and frightening medieval fortress served as inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel but in fact there are many stories surrounding this 650-years-old castle. Romanians may not believe in vampires but legends and folklore about bad spirits that won’t go away, curses and witches are plentiful. Go on a Dracula castle tour to find out more about this fascinating place!

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