6 Things You Should Know about Law Firm PPC

With the exploding numbers of law firms using Pay-Per-Click advertising, you do not want to be left behind. The perks of using PPC for your law firm’s marketing strategy can not be overemphasized. ApricotLaw, an SEO marketing firm specializing in personal injury law that offers pay-per-click for law firms, highly recommends using PPC as it provides faster results compared to law firm SEO. 

However, you may want to weigh your options before blindly diving into PPC like all advertising strategies. Here are six things you should know about law firm PPC before deciding to use it. 

What You Should Know about Law Firm PPC 

1. PPC Should Lead to Target Page Landings

A common mistake in PPC advertising is linking advertisements to the homepage rather than a relevant landing page. When linking PPCs to your webpages, it will be beneficial to link the ad to a landing page that contains information pertinent to the ad itself. This way, the visitor will find whatever they are looking for much easier instead of combing through your numerous web pages of content.

2. PPC Can Be Expensive

When compared to other forms of advertising, PPC can be very expensive for a law firm. However, by weighing its advantages and the returns it brings, you may decide it’s worth the cost. Most people do not make detailed calculations of the cost and the returns, which could be rather frustrating. 

3. PPC Does Not Affect SEO

Although some people think of PPC and SEO as interconnected strategies, this is not the case. Using PPC ads does not help in boosting the organic search rankings on your firm’s website. However, a few concepts, such as the keywords used, may cut across both the PPC and SEO strategies.

4. Linking to Google Maps Improves Your PPC Productivity

By using Google My Business and linking your firm to google maps, you may significantly increase the productivity rate of your PPC. This ensures any client looking for your services within their locality can easily spot your firm.

5. You Need to Focus on Conversion Rather Than Clicks

You may find it tempting to get satisfied with the number of clicks your ads get, what matters even more than clicks is the conversion rate. This refers to the number of visitors that filled out the landing page form after clicking on your ad. By filling out the form, this visitor then becomes a lead, at which point you will need to do follow-up communication to ensure they become clients in your firm. To increase your chances of retaining these leads, you need to set up proper follow-up strategies within your law firm.

6. Do Not Give Up on Visitors

Despite filling out the forms and becoming a lead, some visitors do not become clients immediately. This does not mean you’ve lost them. Some people take a lot of time weighing available options before settling for a solution. To ensure they have your law firm in mind, continue posting ads to your landing page visitors. This way, they may consider getting your services when they finally make a purchasing decision.

Embrace PPC

Although PPC may have its challenges here and there, it offers plenty of advantages that may prove invaluable to any size firm. The level of competition among law firms today is fierce.  Implementing PPC could provide you the edge needed to succeed. Not only is it an easy strategy to incorporate into your law firm, but it also helps to skyrocket your client interactions and keep track of the size of the audience you reach each day. Simply put, law firm PPC might be the best decision you may ever make for your practice.

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