Bharat Bhise HNA – Cyberattacks Which Are Most Commonly Used

Bharat Bhise HNA – Cyberattacks Which Are Most Commonly Used

Bharat Bhise HNA is an expert is cybersecurity and he works with many businesses in order to help them beef up their security and educate them on the types of attacks which are used by hackers to infiltrate their systems. Bharat was kind enough to give us some of his time and explained to us some of the most commonly used cyberattacks out there right now. These are important fr everyone to learn about because they can easily happen to any business or individual. Without further ado then, here are the most commonly used attacks. 

Denial of Service

You may have heard the phrases DoS or DDoS attack and these are attacks which ultimately bring down a server or a system. These attacks aren’t, like so many are, designed to obtain information or access to servers, they are simply used to cause mass disruption. The way in which these attacks work is that the hacker uses a number of systems to fire millions of requests at a certain site or server, which completely overwhelms the system and causes it to crash, as it can no longer deal with requests. These attacks are used as a show of force and ability by the hacker, and to cause chaos. 

MitM Attack

A ‘Man in the Middle’ attack can prove to be very dangerous for many businesses and if this happens then you will give access to your servers and systems to the hacker. The way in which this works is that when a client logs in to the secure system, the infiltrator is able to take control of the client and obtain access in this way. Basically what will happen here is that the attacker will piggy back the client’s login, then it will disconnect from the system and replace the client’s IP address with their own. What this results in is that the attacker now has access to the system, not just now but moving forward. This can result in the theft of a huge amount of sensitive information and personal data, a huge danger to any business out there. 


It is likely that you have seen a phishing attack before if you have relied an email from an unknown source asking you to provide information or click a link. These emails are sent out by the thousand and it only takes one unsuspecting user to open it up or respond, and the hacker will have won. The goal of these attacks is to either obtain sensitive information from the recipient such as bank details, or to install malicious software on their computer. Most of us know to ignore these emails but there is a very small percentage of people who do not, and they unknowingly hand their details over to someone with nefarious intentions. Phishing scams are getting picked up more and more by email clients but many do still slip through the net. 

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