Black Cat Facts And Myths

Black cats have a dark reputation amongst people. In the early years, they were recognized as affectionate and skillful. Later on, people started labeling them as accomplices to witches or witches appearing in animal form. These myths are not scientifically proven. The following article will explore the facts and myths surrounding black cats and bust each one.

Myths and Superstitions about Black Cats

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck

Black cat facts and myths have existed since time immemorial to date. Many people speculate that the sight of a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck. There is no certainty on the origin of this myth. The black cat is also associated with death. During the 16th century, people in Italy believed that if a black cat lay on someone’s sickbed, they would eventually die. To date, most North Americans think that black cats bring bad luck if they cross your path. If spotted in a funeral ceremony, it means that another family member could pass on. It is also considered a bad omen if a cat walks away from your presence.

Black Cats Bring Good Luck

Even though black cats have a historical record of being “creepy,” it shouldn’t be speculated they bring misfortune as this is wholly untrue. In fact, some cultures value these cats. In Japan, for instance, black cats are believed to help women find lovers. In Scotland, a strange black cat arriving at your home signals good-luck. In some parts of England, it is believed that gifting a black cat as a wedding gift brings the bride good fortune.

Black Cats Impersonate Witches

During the Middle Age, numerous people believed that black cats were witches in disguise. People were convinced that witches would take the cats’ form, which would let them carry out their activities without being noted. To date, black cats have been associated with witchcraft activities. They have long been popular for Halloween, including costumes, party themes, and decorations.

Due to the increased popularity of the negative myths surrounding cats compared to the positive ones, many people avoid adopting black cats. They are also perceived as less friendly compared to cats that have lighter shades. These factors have led to low adoption rates of black cats.

Facts Surrounding Black Cats

Apart from the myths, there are multiple factual statements about black cats, as seen below.

• They can change their fur color to a reddish and rusty brown if exposed to sunlight for long durations.

• They have genetic mutations that enable them to be disease resistant and be of use in studying human-related diseases.

• Black cats are targeted for sacrifices and are exposed to danger during the Halloween season.

• Black cats have a lot of melanin that makes their fur blackand their irises golden yellow in color.

• Due to aging, their black fur can have some appearances of white strands as it is in human beings.

• They might be associated with a lot of evil and bad luck, but black cats are just like any other cat.

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