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Life as we know it has become more expensive, bills seem to increase far quicker than any salary, utilities are costing us more daily, and in general, things are becoming tougher. Although this is the case some of us who still believe that all the hard work that we do, all the hours that we put in at the office or on the road traveling for business should be rewarded and rightly so.

We have one life, it can’t only be all about work and no play, no fun, or no sense of relaxation, and so despite the piles of mail on the console table by the front door reminding us that the month-end expenditure payments are due, we rather opt to look for ways to unwind. 

This may be in the form of a massage or treating yourself to a mani-pedi, but essentially the best way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 rat race is to get away from it all. To have a long weekend away, or a staycation within the country but perhaps near the coast, or to top it all off a week abroad away from everyone. 

Travel costs.

The Bain of our lives, how much things tend to cost. We know how tricky it can be trying to budget for everything every month and still try to put something away for a rainy day or a holiday, but with careful planning and organizing this is easily achievable. 

Take a moment to look over these handy tips and tricks travel plan list here, how best to budget, when is best to travel, and all the pros and cons that come with each step. It is always good to get as much information as possible beforehand so that if something unexpected were to happen due to an accident or regarding someone else you can be somewhat prepared. 

For some people necessities may differ, the factors of the traveling party also play a major role, and then you need to consider destination and the season in which you intend to travel. 

A great tip I was always told by my parents was to try to set up a separate account linked to your current bank account, label it a holiday, savings, air tickets, or whichever event you are saving for, and set up a direct debit order to transfer funds into that account monthly.

This way you don’t have to think about how much, or can you afford it, you simply create a set amount (you may choose to start small but at least you are starting) and it begins to accumulate. Before you know it a year will have passed and you have a nice lump sum to decide where the next holiday will be. 


That dedicated debit order has paid off, you have your annual leave coming up for expiry which needs to be used, and now comes the fun part of planning your vacation. 

How to go about it is up to you, use a list you got off a search engine, as friends or family how they did it, or perhaps consider a travel agent who essentially does all the work for you and you have only to say yes or no at the suggestions. 

Be mindful that although you have a good amount collected, a third of that usually goes to accommodation, the next part to entertainment and food, and lastly the transport you will need to get from place to place. While the first two factors are fairly easy to book and arrange, organizing a vehicle suited to not only your budget but needs will take some homework from your side. 

You ideally want a car that is cheap on your wallet and that won’t break the bank before you have begun your holiday. Browse around, see the average prices for the particular model you are considering, and weigh up all the options before diving in.

To get you started and essentially the ball rolling on your travel excursion, take a quick look at Comparatif location de voiture for options suited to all individual needs and demographics as well as seeing what is available on the market. Often we see scenes in movies where they simply click on a car website and the next thing they are driving off into the sunset with their hair blowing in the hot summer wind and the top down. 

Car checks. 

When being handed the keys be sure to give a thorough walk around the vehicle, checking for damage, the fuel gauge and noting the mileage, and turning on the ignition to ensure that the lights, wipers, and gauges are all functioning correctly. You don’t want to suddenly be surprised with a charge on your card for damage to the vehicle that you did not create.

The paperwork should note all scuffs and marks, ask about the fuel policy, should you return it with the same amount given, is there a return clause penalty to be aware of if you are running late to return the vehicle, and lastly that the insurance cover is in place.  

That sums it up.

Everything is in place, reservations have been booked and deposits have been paid, all you need to do now is to pack your bags, collect your rental vehicle and enjoy that well-deserved adventure you have been waiting for. 

The world is a big place, some places need to be explored and discovered so what are you waiting for?

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