In Need of a Top Virtual Corporate Training Platform? Here’s What You Need to Know

In Need of a Top Virtual Corporate Training Platform? Here’s What You Need to Know

Many companies around the world have already invested in a top virtual corporate training platform. Establishing a virtual platform is an amazing way to simplify employee training and company collaboration. So why hasn’t your company invested in a virtual training software yet? Part of the reason might be that deciding on one can be challenging. 

Because there is such a high demand for virtual training these days, virtual training platforms are being created faster than ever before. But quantity does not always mean quality, and some of these platforms are certainly lacking in quality. In order to differentiate the high-quality virtual training software from the ones that fall short, here’s what you need to know. 

Advanced Interactive Features Are a Must

Just because this will serve as a virtual learning platform doesn’t mean it should be lacking in interactivity. Numerous studies have shown that most individuals are active learners, meaning they have to actively participate in the learning process. 

In other words, your employees need to be engaged while using the virtual platform. Engagement can be accomplished in a few ways, like actively answering questions, taking quizzes, and game-like modules. If the platform focuses on passive learning techniques, the chances of learning anything are slim to none. 

Give the Option for Timed Testing

This isn’t the case for everyone, but some individuals learn best under pressure. This goes hand in hand with active learning, but takes it a step further. Instead of just offering the option to take a quiz to test knowledge after each learning module, spice things up a bit. Some virtual learning platforms offer the option for timed test taking. Once again, not every employee will love this, but the chances of retaining information with timed tests is proven to be higher. 

The Option for Instant Communication 

If someone has a question during a training session, this question often goes overlooked or forgotten as time passes. Even if someone jots down the question during the virtual training, there’s a high likelihood that the scrap of paper will get lost in the shuffle. This is just one reason why instant communication tools within the virtual software are a must. 

eLearning Industry says that “corporate learners need a real-time way to get in touch with their online instructor. If it’s a lecture-style session, the LMS can have an instant messaging app. The corporate learner can see the in-session questions as they come in and respond immediately. These are also helpful for Q&A sessions, or for ‘live’ learner evaluation. This may be useful for job appraisal, as well.”

Monitoring Progress is Helpful

When an employee is being trained on the company’s day-to-day processes or other important industry info, it is important that progress can be tracked. This is possible through the test taking method we mentioned above, but tracking progress involves more than just taking tests. Not only should the trainee be able to track progress, but also the employer. This will give an employer insight on which employees are making an effort and progressing forward. 

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