Must-See Sights Throughout ATL According to the Leading Atlanta Shuttle Rentals

Must-See Sights Throughout ATL According to the Leading Atlanta Shuttle Rentals

The top Atlanta shuttle rentals have joined forces to create a comprehensive list of sights throughout the city that no tourist should miss out on. Some of these attractions you’ve definitely heard of, while others might have slid under the radar up until now. No matter how you choose to spend your time in the city, try to add at least a few of these attractions to the itinerary. 

Centennial Olympic Park

This 21-acre green space in the heart of Downtown ATL isn’t just the perfect spot for an outdoor picnic. It’s also a great place to learn a thing or two about the history of the city. The park hasn’t actually been around that long, but it still holds a great deal of historical significance. It was built back in 1996 for the summer Olympic Games that were being hosted by the city. 

Although the park was built for one specific event, it now serves many purposes. During the summer months, you can find evening concerts, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll be visiting during the park’s 4th of July fireworks display. The main attraction of the park, the Fountain of Rings, is found in the center. When the weather is warm, you’ll find tons of children running through the water jets. 

World of Coca Cola

If you don’t drink soda, pop, or whatever you call the bubbly sugary beverage, a trip to the World of Coca Cola might not be for you. But even if you’re not a fan of Coke, you might be surprised by what you learn from a trip to the unique museum. The World of Coca Cola celebrates all things Coke. It even gives visitors a chance to try different Coca Cola formulas from around the world. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This is the perfect place to literally stop and smell the flowers. The Atlanta Botanical Garden sits on 30-acres of lush green land, but all throughout the green, you’ll get to enjoy vibrant colors and floral scents. The unique flowers found in the Garden aren’t just pretty to look out, they serve an educational purpose as well. 

Locals and visitors come here to learn about flora around the globe. According to the establishing organization, the main goal is to “develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment.” Even if you don’t learn anything, you’ll love the colorful photos you leave with. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

Atlanta played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, mainly because it is the birthplace of the inspirational MLK Jr. Seeing the neighborhood where MLK grew up is a must with any trip to Atlanta. Within the historic neighborhood, you’ll get a chance to view and possibly even take a tour of the home where Martin was raised. Just down the street from the home, you’ll see Ebenezer Baptist Church where MLK Jr. served as pastor.

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