Jeffrey Breault – The Benefits of a Passionate Teacher

Jeffrey Breault was the same as me when he was young, and he, like I,  loved anything that had to do with cars, from toy cars to the real thing I would be fixated by these vehicles for many years. Instead of going to college I wanted to go straight into the automotive industry and I was very lucky to be given a chance by Jeffrey, CEO of his own automotive company. When I first started in this job I didn’t know that much about cars in terms of specifics, I just knew that I was in love with the industry. I was very fortunate therefore when Jeff Breault took me under his wing and educated me on both the industry and cars themselves. It was Jeff’s passion which helped me to learn so much from him and here is why having a passionate teacher is so beneficial. 


When you are educating someone on something which you love, the same way that Jeff was teaching me about something that he loves, there is a lot more care that goes into it. Because this is your passion you don’t want to do it a disservice when teaching someone about it, but rather you want to give everything to showing someone all about why you love a particular subject so much. 


Jeff would usually spend a couple of hours with me on a Wednesday morning because it was always the quietest time. What soon unfolded however as I learned more and more about cars and the automotive industry, was that Jeff and I would have deep discussions about certain vehicles and why we loved them. This enabled me to not only learn more about cars and this industry, but it also meant that we could have a civilized chat which was actually teaching me more than I knew at the time. 


Jeff was never satisfied with me just not knowing something and he would always urge me to go and find out more about the question that I was asking. I believe that if you don’t have a teacher who is passionate about what it is that you are learning then they will be more than happy for you to have some knowledge gaps, as long as you always understood the gist. When you have a teacher who is passionate about a subject like Jeff was, they don’t let you get away so easily. 


Something else which Jeff had was a lot of expectation on me and this meant that he was always upping the standard of my education. This meant that instead of just learning about the specifics of a Honda Civic, he would want me to know everything about that car and all of its models, which were successful and which weren’t, what colors they were available in and just about every piece of information about the car that you could think of. 

In short a passionate teacher will be able to educate you better than one who is not as passionate and this is why Jeff Breault was such a great help to me. 

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