4 awesome experiences for thrill-seekers

Material things are so last century. These days, it’s all about experiences. If you have a friend who is constantly chasing the next adrenaline rush, buying them one of the following packages will enable them to create memories that will stay with them forever.

1) Race sports cars at the track

For many, cars represent freedom, as they enable us to go anywhere the road takes us. For others, though, freedom of movement is only part of the equation, as they also enjoy going as fast as they can handle.

Testing the limits of their cars on roadways can be legally problematic, however, as maxing them out there poses a public safety risk which can put them at risk of high civil fines, vehicle seizure, and even time in jail.

What if there was a way to not only test one’s limits under controlled conditions but to also do it with some of the fastest, sexiest cars known to humanity?

There are a number of tracks across the United Kingdom and Europe which offer gearheads this glorious opportunity. For a relatively low price, your friend can race their own car on a closed track, or they can rent a variety of supercars like a Ferrari, Porsche, or an Aston Martin if they don’t feel like pulling up to the start line in their Ford Fiesta. 

This way, they can have a private track racing experience that will plaster a smile on their face for weeks afterwards.   

2) Going skydiving for the first time

To the uninitiated, the idea of stepping out of an aeroplane seems like a sure way to meet one’s end. Even if your friend intellectually understands how a parachute works, their self-preservation instinct will likely still say ‘nope’ to the thought of going skydiving.

Helping your mate get over your fear of this well-regulated activity can do wonders for their life, though – as phobias go, this is a pretty big one. When they find out freefalling 4,000 metres above the ground is no big deal, there are few things that will seem scary to them after this experience.

3) Learn how to work the trapeze

Has your pal mentioned they have dreamed of running away to join the circus as a kid? You can make part of this desire come true as an adult, as there are schools exist which teach skills integral to these shows.

A school in New York State in America ( Trapeze School New York) teaches the art of swinging on the trapeze – for only a few hundred dollars and five to ten weeks of commitment, they can finally become the trapeze bar master they always wanted to be.

4) Fly in a fighter jet

Does your friend watch Top Gun multiple time per year? Help them become the Goose to someone else’s Maverick by signing them up for a flight with an experienced fighter pilot courtesy Air Combat USA. 

They won’t just get to feel like Mach 1+ feels like – their highly trained partner will lead them through basic flying manoeuvres, and at the end of your day, they’ll get a video of their performance to show off to all their jealous friends.  

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