7 Surprising Benefits of Online Art Schools

A growing number of great experiences are available online, and art classes are among them. For those looking to take their creative career to the next level, an online art school provides several benefits. Some of the points below might surprise you!

1. Be comfortable at home

There’s no having to drive to campus, find parking, and worrying about what you’re wearing to class when you enroll in an online curriculum. Instead, stay in the comfort of home. You will save money on gas, make a cup of coffee whenever you want, and have your art supplies within easy reach.

2. Flexible schedule

Complete the projects when you want, whether it’s the middle of the night or mid-afternoon. Choose a time of day when you are the most productive. While you still must abide by instructor deadlines, you’ll be able to practice your skills when it’s convenient for you.

3. Re-watch courses

Many online art classes are available to re-watch if you want to do so. That’s a benefit you won’t get with live instruction! By pausing and playing back parts of a session, you can home in on concepts that you want to work on further.

4. Talk to other students

If there is an online area for talking about projects with other students, take advantage of it. Many people mistakenly think that the online experience is an isolated one, but you can chat with other students in this area to ask questions and get feedback. As with so many different areas of life, feedback is helpful when you know how to ask for it.

5. Equally impressive

Another common misconception is that an online art school does not have the same reputation among employers and industry professionals as one that you attend in-person. However, that is not true. Employers welcome eager professionals with the education and skills to create unique works that align with their overarching goals, whether the credentials were earned online or not.

6. Learn from leading artists

When you attend a local school, your instructor is local too. While that can make for an amazing experience, the talent pool is limited to those who live close by. That’s not the case with online art schools, though. For example, Visual Arts Passage provides classes led by leading artists who coach and guide you.

7. See everything clearly

Have you ever been in a class where you’re stuck behind someone who you can’t see past? If so, then you know the frustration of being unable to see a teacher fully to understand what they’re doing to apply the techniques. With an online classroom, you’ll always have a first-row seat. See clearly the entire lesson on the screen in front of you.

Final words Many students gravitate toward an online education to easily balance work, school, and personal life well. Be in control of how you spend your time, rather than needing to be on-campus at a certain time. Plus, get feedback from inspiring artists based worldwide, have a clear view of the lesson, and earn valuable academic credentials, all from the comfort of home.

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