Considering a Criminology Degree? A Look at the Jobs it Can Prepare You For

Have you finally made that all-important decision in life of what career path is right for you? Have you thought long and hard about what your skills and talents are, and then what jobs you’d best be suited for? Have you looked at the job statistics and where the future lies for that dream career? If you’ve answered yes to each of these questions and then come up with the answer that a criminology degree is the path to success, then you’ve already made a massive step towards your future.

A criminology degree is one that prepares students for a wide variety of jobs, giving them the option to work in different law enforcement and investigative fields. Unsure of what jobs the degree can open doors to? Here’s a look at some of the positions that a criminology degree will prepare you for.

Crime Scene/Forensic Analyst

As a forensic analyst you will be working with law enforcement agencies to gather evidence and examine crime scenes. While you may assume much of your time would be spent out in the field and at scenes, in reality a good portion of this job is spent in the office analyzing the evidence and then writing out reports. This is a very detail oriented and organization-heavy job that requires an analytical mind.

Probation Officer

As a probation officer, you’ll be monitoring and working with offenders to ensure they abide by the laws and don’t commit any further crimes. You are typically assigned to offenders by the court. 

Responsibilities you can expect to have include:

  • Setting up meetings, and resources related to treatment programs for offenders
  • Ensuring offenders have all the information and support they need to succeed in their rehabilitation
  • Writing regular progress reports 
  • Having meetings with offenders and sometimes their family and friends as well
  • Monitoring the offender

Of course, there is plenty more you will also be responsible for.

Corrections Officer

As a corrections officer, you will be working in a correctional institution to oversee and monitor the inmates. This can be a very stressful environment, and it takes the right kind of personality to excel.

Some of what you can expect in this position includes:

  • The job is shift work, which includes days, nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Correction officers have a very high rate of illness and injuries due to the amount of people they are monitoring
  • On-the-job training will be required
  • Depending on the area where you wish to find a job, job outlook is actually on the decline

This particular position is one that can really take a toll on people, so you truly have to be right for the job.

Customs Officer 

As a customs officer, it will be your job to protect the borders from illegal trade and the smuggling of goods. Customs officers can be found at land, air, and sea border crossings and entry/exit points. Some of the typical responsibilities of this job include:

  • Deciding who to question and who to search
  • Searching the actual baggage and packages of people crossing the border
  • Writing reports
  • Seizing illegal goods
  • Making arrests when necessary
  • Examining all documentation regarding imported items
  • Collecting revenue on imported goods when necessary
  • Detecting drug smugglers

The list goes on and on. As a customs officer, there won’t be a lot of down time as this job stays very busy.

Opt for the Online Route

Another thing you’ll want to consider is the online route. There is absolutely no reason to narrow down your options and focus only on schools that require you to attend a campus in-person in order to go about your degree. 

Take, for example, the criminology degree through Wilfred Laurier University, which is completely available online. What this means is that you don’t have to live near campus, you don’t need to quit your full or part-time job while you’re studying, and you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple start dates throughout the year. You can click here to learn more about the school and its criminology degree.

Opening the Doors to Your Future

Making the choice to pursue a criminology degree is fantastic, and upon graduation you’ll have many jobs available to you. The above is just a small look at the various jobs the degree can prepare you for. Don’t forget, as a recent graduate you’ll likely begin at the bottom of the ladder, but in these fields there is plenty of opportunity for advancement.

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