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Anyone would be forgiven for struggling to keep up with the latest technologies but it’s these technological advancements that so many businesses have now embraced and rely on to adapt for the future. One industry that has converted itself into a huge business on the internet is the online casino world, almost seamlessly transforming all of your favourite casino games into online versions.

This evolution from physical land based venues to online casino sites has not only helped the industry to continue to thrive during tough times across the world, but it has brought casino games to a much wider audience and also made this kind of entertainment more accessible than ever before.

Many gaming developers have transformed some of the most popular casino games into online gems using the latest in innovative technology. One of the best known casino games is bingo and this has been no stranger to the online tech transformation that is taking the world by storm.

To find your next online bingo site then check some out here but to read some more about how technology has helped bingo then stay with us.

Brief History

The earliest reports of bingo come from the 16th century, originating in Italy but then spreading to other nations close by like Germany and France. The popularity was really boosted in the 20th century when it hit the shores of the UK and in particular the US in the 1960s.

Gradually this popularity started to peter out and the 2000s saw a big decrease in its popularity, until it was adapted for the tech world, which saw it become a gaming sensation again.

The Internet Boom

There were two main reasons for the huge rise in popularity of bingo again and the 1st one was the soar of the internet. Soon we started to see online bingo websites appearing.

With the appearance of these bingo sites came different options of the game we had never seen before in a bingo hall or casino. Suddenly 50 or 60 ball bingo and 80 or 90 ball bingo could be played.

As well as these new variations of the game, the advantages of being able to play on your own computer using a piece of technology became apparent as your full attention wasn’t necessarily needed because you could receive updates on your draws or prizes won via email. As more of these websites popped up we started to see more promotions and being able to buy multiple tickets.

The accessibility for everyone made it so easy for anyone to join the game and play from all over the world and this is what brought a much more diverse audience.

Mobile Gaming

The second reason for the massive upturn in bingo’s popularity is the rise of mobile gaming. As said before, the accessibility that the internet brought to the gambling industry game it a big boost but now being able to access any online casino or bingo website from your mobile devices, anywhere in the world (as long as you have a 4G signal).

Online bingo sites are now accessible and compatible with just about any web browser and some will offer an app for your devices, making them very attractive to a much younger generation.

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The Future

So when we consider all of the above and the endless possibilities that technology brings, it’s no surprise to see bingo thriving.

With talk of integrating VR technology into bingo and casino games there is also reason to get excited about what the future can bring.

There is nothing to suggest that bingo will find itself losing popularity again and with its smooth adaptation to the technological world, the future seems extremely bright for bingo.

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