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It is the 21st century and the age of technology and the internet. Many of the activities and facilities that hitherto were offline are now finding their place online. One of these is e-identification. E-identification or electronic identification is a way of digitally identifying citizens of a country or in some cases, the members of an organization. This allows the citizens or members to be able to access services and benefits provided by whatever entity issued the e-identification, be it the government or otherwise. 

These services may include accessing benefits like healthcare, transportation, government services, etc.  It can also be used for online authentication and login as well as an option for signing electronic documents. You can read more about electronic identification here.

In Sweden, one popular e-identification method gaining ground is the bankID. BankID, which was first issued in 2003, is an e-identification system developed by banks and for the use of the public, organizations and authorities in Sweden. Popular banks like Danske Bank, Ikano Bank, ICA Banken, Mordea, SEB, Sparbanken and so on are part of the networks of banks issuing it. Individuals with Swedish National Identification Number (Swedish personnummer) are eligible to obtain it through their banks. As of now, over 8 million, which is about 80% of Swedes, use it regularly for different services and transactions.

Swedish citizens can use their bankIDs for digital identification and also as a form of a signature on documents and during transactions in different services like online and mobile banking, tax payments, online payments, and purchases. The Swedish law in step with the European Union EU recognizes and accepts it as a signature that is legally binding when used. Regardless of the issuing bank, the bankID has the same value and it is used in the same way. It is mostly issued to people who are 18 years and above though some banks issue it to persons who are less than 18 years.

When presented, companies and organizations must check the presenter’s identification and signature validity. A valid identification is guaranteed by the issuing bank and it is available in different formats like smart cards, and on electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

One of the many organizations embracing bankIDs are casinos. Casinos are facilities that provide indoor amusement and entertainment like games, music and gambling for adults. They are usually built within or around hotels with shopping centers, restaurants, resorts and so on. Different games like slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, keno, baccarat and more are all on offer.

Using bankIDs on mobile and laptop is now a common thing at the casino. One reason for this is it gives assurance that a person’s personal information is safe when using the casino to avoid incidences related to online fraud.

You can get yours by downloading the app on your phone. The next step is to login to your internet bank then request bankID to be activated. A one-time code or bank box can be used to complete the activation. Alternatively, you can work into your bank to have it done.


  • Simple and fast registration. No need for usernames, passwords, filling of forms, documents or paperwork.
  • Provides easy identification and verification.
  • It is secure.
  • Multi usage for different services.
  • Makes bonuses available.
  • Fast payouts.
  • You get to be in charge. This means you can take control of gambling by blocking your social security number if you do not want to play online.
  • You get tax free profits.

How to Play In the Casino

If you do not have a bankID yet, you will need to reach out to your bank and get one. A lot of people tend to prefer to use mobile bankID partly because they always carry their mobile phones with them. At the casino, request to use the ID instead of the traditional way of registering with username and password. On the screen, you should see two buttons. One says “play now” why the other says “deposit”. Start by entering an amount you will like to deposit. Select your bank, enter your Social Security number and your bankID. You can then proceed to the casino lobby to use your deposit.

Withdrawing Money with BankID

If getting started with playing was easy. Guess what, withdrawing your winnings is much easier. A few years back, this would have taken quite some time even almost up to a day or more. Also, you would have needed to make several documents available to get want you earned. It is not so now as you get your money instantly without any documents needed.

Whether it is a weekday or weekend, night or day, you can just get your winnings all day, all week. What you have to do is click the withdrawal button of the casino you played in which is usually at top of the menu. Choose the amount you are withdrawing and the bank it is to be deposited in. Another verification step with your bankID takes place and within minutes (depending on the casino but a maximum of 15 minutes irrespective of the casino), you have the money in your bank account.

Note that not all casinos allow the use of bankID although most of them do. So for people who prefer the old way of registering like creating an account by using a username and password, most casinos still offer this as an alternative registration method.


Casino with bank ID or Casino med bankID , is something that has become popular and has come to stay. For casinos that have not yet joined, it will be the preferred method of payment pretty soon as it is simple, fast, secure and reliable. You can easily play in a casino without having an account. Another good thing about it is that whatever profit you get is tax-free.

If you will prefer to play without creating account or registration, remember, a casino with banKID does not need registration therefore you do not create an account, just deposit, play and get your profits.

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