Tips on Having Korean Skin using Skinfood

Korean skin has been considered as one of the beauty standards in this generation. It may be the influence of Korean entertainment such as K-dramas and K-pop idols that people went crazy in achieving that youthful, smooth, and dewy skin.

People tend to believe that the use of Korean beauty products, it will help them achieve that Korean skin they’re dreaming for. But it can’t be just that, right? Well, it’s partly true since they started their skincare routine when they were still younger. They believe in preventative skincare unlike most of us, we are used to curing than preventing. 

Fortunately, most K-beauty brands like Skinfood are reliable in producing products that are highly effective in taking care of our skin. The said brand uses healthy foods like avocado, honey, egg whites, rice, and such in their products as they believe that healthy foods equate to healthy skin. 

Don’t worry, it’s never too late for anyone! Plus, we got your back. We will provide you with the most useful tips you can do and products you can use to achieve flawless skin. 

1. Double-cleansing is a must.

The first step of any skincare routine is cleansing but some people tend to skip double-cleansing because they feel like it’s just a waste of time any money.  

How does it work? Oil cleansers are used first as it can easily remove any heavy makeup, sunscreen, impurities, and excess sebum on the skin. It is followed by a water-based cleanser that can now penetrate deeper to remove any impurities left from the first cleansing. 

A good start would be with the use of Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil followed by Black Sugar Perfect Bubble Foam. These products will guarantee you a mild yet super effective cleansing for your daily use. 2. Exfoliate, but not too much.

Exfoliating can do your skin a great number of benefits when done properly. You need to learn how to listen to your skin. Even though our skin naturally exfoliates, the pollution and free radicals, it may mess up this natural cycle which gives us the option to exfoliate with the use of chemical or physical exfoliators.

Skinfood offers a mild and gentle scrub which also comes from their Black Sugar Line. Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam effectively removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and impurities with its granules and botanical oils.  

If you over-exfoliate, this can do a lot of damage to the skin such as breakouts and increased skin sensitivity. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s best to consult with a dermatologist before trying a different product. 

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

If you really want that glass skin, consider a moisturizer your newfound best friend. Moisturizing is vital to any type of skincare routine as this reduces your chances of getting skin problems such as dry or oily skin. A well-moisturized skin is a healthy skin. It can also enhance some dark patches on the skin with continuous use. 

Moisturizers may vary as some are focused on whitening, anti-aging, or just hydrating. There are also moisturizers made for different skin types. Like Royal Honey 100 Hour Moisture Cream which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.  4. Never skip sunscreens

One of the major reasons why people suffer from premature aging is because of UV rays. Even when you don’t go outside, you should put on sunscreen just in case since most windows don’t offer full protection from UVA rays.  

Take note: UVA = skin aging (PA), UVB = sunburn (SPF)

Some beauty products like primer include sun protection but this does not guarantee you full protection like sunscreens do. You should opt for sunscreens like Sun Flower No Sebum Sun Gel SPF50+ PA++++ for your daily use. With its broad spectrum and moisturizing properties, this can guarantee you long-lasting protection from the sun throughout the day. 


It is great to have high-quality products from brands like SKINFOOD, but it is essential to establish a healthier lifestyle to achieve your dream skin. You will not only have healthy skin but also a healthier body. Drinking a lot of water can actually make a big difference. Also choosing to opt for a low glycemic index diet has been proven to help with acne problems. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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