Random Home Maintenance Jobs Worth Your Time

No one has enough time in the day to do every household job. It’s an impossible ask for most of us. And even if we do have some free time, who wants to spend it working on boring stuff around the house? That time is for watching boxsets and cooking pizza, right?

But there really are SOME jobs you NEED to do. I know! If you’re not sure what needs doing, then read on. This is important. Then you can go back to the TV, honest.

Servicing your heating

Whatever system your home is running, it needs regular servicing. Why? Because it’s dangerous not to. And expensive. You can pre-empt major problems and save yourself a lot of hassle by booking a qualified engineer or technician to service it for you. Once a year is advisable. 

If you’re using a HVAC system, then filters, pumps and thermostats can be checked. Helping you keep your system running more efficiently and for longer. If you’ve got a gas boiler, then you really shouldn’t ignore servicing. These appliances can be fatal if not maintained properly.

Sweeping your chimney

If you’ve got a working fireplace then you really need to make sure you get your chimney swept. Yes, it’s messy. But it’s another one of those jobs that’ll keep you safe. To lower the risk of fire and blockages occurring, get it cleaned annually. You don’t need to do it yourself either. Just add the chimney sweeping costs to your budget for household bills and book someone in to do the hard work.

Cleaning your gutters

This one seems tedious, doesn’t it? But gutters are there for a reason. They collect the rain and keep it from causing damage to your home. Blocked gutters are a common cause of damp. And damp can cause lots of other issues, including rot and harmful mold. 

You can clear the gutters yourself or if you really don’t fancy it, you could pay someone to do it for you. And if you want to cut down on having to clean your gutters, there are lots of handy gadgets out there that prevent debris clogging them up.

Testing your alarms

Smoke detectors and fire alarms save lives. But there’s no point having one if you never test it. Regular testing is a no-brainer. And it takes VERY LITTLE TIME. How often should you do it though? Once a month is great. Most have a test button you can press. It’s really that simple. Don’t forget to check the batteries too!

Cleaning your washing machine

This might sound a bit daft, but washing machines do actually need cleaning too. They get clogged up with gunk, and mildew can build up around doors and drawers. Pop it on a hot wash, then give the door and drawer a clean. Some chemicals are not suitable for cleaning your machine with, so have a check in your manual for the best cleaning product to use. 

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